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How to Put AdSense Ad Below Blogger Post Title

AdSense is one of most used affiliate program by majority of expert bloggers for their website monetization in all over the world.  One of the prime reason to use AdSense to monetize website/blog is that AdSense is a cookie based contextual advertising program that shows targeted ads, relevant to the content and reader of a website.

When you visit any blog/website, you may noticed that most of blogs display AdSense ad just below post title. Successful bloggers advised to put AdSense ad below post title because this is the best place where you will get more response and also increase the page CTR (Click Through Rate). It does not work well for every blogger and does not guarantee to make more money from this ads but you must need to experiment with AdSense at different spots to get more response.
Steps to create Google AdSense ad code To create AdSense ad code follow the below the five steps.

Step 1. At first you need to create adsense ad. To create adsense ad, login to your adsens…
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How To Customize Gmail Theme

We all know, Gmail is the most used secure webmail service as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols worldwide which was launched by the search engine giant Google in April 1, 2004. Gmail became available to the general public worldwide on February 7, 2007.

As of June 2012, Gmail is the most widely used web-based email provider with over 425 million active users worldwide. Gmail is also available in 71 languages. Gmail became the first app on the Google Play Store in May 2014 and just after that almost one billion install on Android devices.

Gmail has many features like Tabbed Inbox, Storage, Spam Filters, Gmail Search, Voice Chat, Gmail Labs, Gmail Labels, Gmail Themes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Money Transfer and Payment Options. Although Gmail has many features but many people do not use them.

In this post, I will show you one interesting feature of Gmail which almost none can use it. I know many Gmail users change their Gmail theme. But I can promise very less can set custom image as Gma…

How to Decorate Text With Shadow Effects Using CSS

You may already learned about ghost button and zoom effect on this blog. In this post, you will learn how to decorate text, paragraph and links with shadow effects. It is very simple to decorate text, paragraph and links with/without shadow effects. If you have a little bit knowledge of HTML/CSS, you can do more. To do so you need to remember some codes or just copy the others code and try yourself by changing the values.
To decorate text with shadow effects, you need to apply CSS property with style attributes. The CSS text-shadow property used to apply shadow to text/paragraph and color property used to apply color to text/paragraph. Also box-shadow property is used to apply to elements and is only used to apply horizontal and vertical shadow for a division. You can decorate text with shadow effects in different ways.

Inline - Inline CSS is used to apply unique style to a single HTML element by using style attributes.

Internal - Internal CSS is used to apply unique style to a single…

How to Put Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Post

There are various process to make money online from home working on your own blog or as a freelancer. I have already published several post regarding adsense like adsense page-level-ads, adsense for custom search engine, customize width and height of responsive ad etc...

If you want to increase your adsense earning then you need to experiment always with the position of your adsense ads. You need to display ads at the proper position where visitors come across always. And one of the best position to display adsense ads is the bottom of blogger post. Displaying ads at the bottom of blogger post also increase the chance of making more money from AdSense ads or other affiliate ads. In this post, I will show you how to display AdSense ads or other affiliate ads at the bottom of each blogger post.

Steps to Display ads Bottom of Blogger Post

Step 1. At first you need to create adsense ad. To create adsense ad, login to your adsense account.
Step 2. After login, click My ads and then click N…

Quick Heal Total Security Anti Virus for Windows

Quick Heal Total Security is an award winning and one of the best comprehensive security suit that provides all in one protection from all kind of viruses. New Quick Heal anti virus comes with DNAScan technology that gives assured virus protection by running a scan for suspicious programs.

New Quick Heal Total Security also provides cloud based email security and sandbox browser provides a secure browsing experience which provides real time cloud security that restricts access to malware infected websites. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.

Quick Heal Total Security also includes system tools for PC optimization: Registry Cleanup, Disk Cleanup, Registry Derangement and also Duplicate File Finder.

The robust firewall allows users to set protection levels for internet traffic and applications that try to connect to your network. The TrackMyLaptop service will help you to track whereabouts of your lost or stolen laptop also. Read also : How to make any widget avail…

How to Remove Password from PDF File Without Software

Normally bank sends monthly statement in email as PDF file protected with password because the statement contains personal information. There are many application tools that help you to remove the password from the PDF file. Read also : How to create AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.
In this post I will show you the easiest method that does not require any software to remove the password. You just need to perform the below few steps to remove password from PDF files.

Steps to Remove Password from PDF File

Step 1. Right click on the PDF file and then click Open with and then select Google Chrome or drag the PDF file and drop it on Google Chrome. Read also : How to track lost/stolen android phone ans secure data.

Step 2. After that type password and click Submit button.

Step 3. Once the file is opened click print button or press Ctrl + P or right click and select Print option.

Step 4. Now click Change button against Destination and then select Save as PDF option. Read also…

How To Create and Setup AdSense Matched Content Ad Unit and Fix Script Error

After custom ad unit size, custom AdSense search engine, responsive ad unit and  Page Level Ads, Google introduced Matched Content feature to display or promote related post of a blog / website to encourage readers to view more pages of a site.
This two ads type was introduced to increase contextual advertising as well as to compete with other advertising networks like Taboola. Today, I am going to show you how to create AdSense Matched Content ad unit and use it to your blogger blog. Read also Google Web Master Tools Complete Guide.

What is AdSense Matched Content

AdSense Matched Content is a new feature developed by Google to promote articles of a website/blog to its site visitors. AdSense Matched Content helps site visitors to find the contents that they are interested in. This feature is just like a related post widget to engage site visitors on a website to spent more time instead of leaving the page. See the below sample screenshot of my blog. Read also : How to fix HTTP and HT…

How to Fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors on Blogger

Mixed content errors occur only when a web page is initially secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) but it contains both secure HTTPS and non secure HTTP content (such as links, images, videos, scripts and stylesheets). This mixed content errors affects your site performance and cause security issues. This mixed content issues can be caused by the HTML markup or JavaScript content in. Read also : Read also : How to create custom AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.

Template Source codePost and Page source code andLayout source code
How to Check HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors

To check HTTP and HTTPS mixed content errors, you need to perform the below few steps.

Step 1. At first open Google Chrome browse (highly recommended) and type your blog URL address using HTTPS i.e. https://<your-blog-name> Read also : How to find AdSense high paying long tail keywords.

Step 2. Once your blog is loaded completely, click Customize and control Google Chrome icon i.e.,…

How To Enable HTTPS For Blogger Blog

Google had enabled HTTPS feature for all blogs hosted on This feature is currently available only for sub-domain not for blogs redirected to any custom domain. Google will soon release this feature for custom domain also. By enabling HTTPS, you will gives an extra security layer for your blogspot blog.

What is  HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is the secure version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). HTTPS encrypt all communication between your browser and the website that you are connected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Read also How to setup AdSense Page Level Ads.

Benefit of HTTPS

There are more benefits of enabling HTTPS for your blog. Few of them are

1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protects your blog from hackers.
2. SSL makes your blog faster and secured.
3. Improves blog ranking in Google and other search engines.
4. Blog looks more professional.
5. Blog earns trust of visitors.
Read also How to record your…

Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows

A screen recording software has many useful applications like making tutorials, demonstration of a software or creating a walkthrough for a video game and many more. These videos can be later uploaded to YouTube and other social networking platforms for making money. A screen recording software is the best substitute of a video camera. Using screen recording software you can capture and record whole screen of your computer and record your voice via microphone also. In this post, I going to share 5 best screen recording software that might helps you a lot. Read full tutorial How to convert photo into cartoon and sketch image.

1. Ezvid (

Ezvid is simple to use and it is the best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers. You can record screen and edit video with the built-in editor. Ezvid includes various features like splitting recordings, adding text between clips, making slideshow with extra effects and many more.

2. CamStudio (…