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How To Break Administrator Password of Your Computer

Can anyone break administrator password of your computer? The answer is Yes. Anyone can break administrator password.

Many times people do not enter administrator password during installation of operating system. They just skip this process. They enter password just for the user name that they have created. Anyone can easily able to login in this computer. Just restart the system and press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard. Type username Administrator and leave blank password position and press Enter on the keyboard.

You are a stranger. Now you are at your friends home. You are not able to login in your friend's computer. Because it is protected by password. You are not an administrator. How could you be login now. There is only two options to login into your friend's computer. 

If you have a little bit knowledge of hardware you can login. Open the CPU system case remove the battery from the motherboard. And after a little bit time insert the battery at the battery position…

Microsoft Word 2007 Full Tutorials

Microsoft Word 2007 is popular word processingapplication software developed by Microsoft Corporation. Before MS Word 2007, Microsoft has launched MS Word 2003 in the year of 2003. MS Word 2003 is the most popular word processing application software among computer users. Although Microsoft has launched many updated version of MS Word but none can take the level of MS Word 2003. Even in today, it is seen many computers. If you want to learn about MS Word 2007 then are at the right place. This article help you to learn most of thing about MS Word 2007. Lets go!

How to Open or Start MS Word 2007

The starting of MS Word 2007 is same as MS Word 2003. To start MS Word 2007 follow the steps below. Click Start button> Programs or All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Word 2007.


Click Start button > type word 2007 in the search programs and files box > press Enter on the keyboard

How to do Page Setup

Before start typing anything, you need to setup your page fi…