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Google + The Upcoming Social Networking Website

The world's giant search engine Google is now doing a new project in the field of social network. The project name is Google Plus (+). Google plus is currently on  the trial period. The service is initially only for selected group of people. 

No one can open their account without an invitation. Non Google + users can need a valid invitation from an existing Google + user. Like Facebook and other social networking websites people can share and discuss their status updates, photos, videos and various links.
Google has already running two social networking sites. One is Orkut and the other is Buzz. Both this sites do not get popularity as the Google aspect and they become flop in the user sense.
The increasing popularity of Facebook encourages Google to think about a new social networking website. They started their project in the name of Google +. Google + is designed for sharing with small groups like friends, acquaintance, family, and following. Like Facebook and other social networ…