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How to Block Or Disable USB Port in Windows

To block or disable USB Port in Windows XP / Vista / 7 you must have Administrative Right. To do so do the followings .....
Using Device Management

You can open device management in three ways.
1. Right click My Computer on Desktop and click Manage and then Device Manager
2. Open Run and type devmgmt.msc and click OK
3. Open system propreties and click Hardware tab and then click Device Manager
Now expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. You will see enable or disable usb ports. Right click on it and click Enable or Disable.

Using Registry Editor

1. go to Start 2. click on Run or open command prompt 3. type regedit 4. click O.K or press Enter on the keyboard 5. Registry Editor window opens. Now expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE by clicking on the (+) sign 6. find System and expand it in similarway 7. find CurrentControlSet and expand it 8. find Services and expand it 9. now you need to search USBTOR and select it 10. now you can see various options in the right hand side. find Start and t…

How To See Hidden Files & Folders In Windows XP

If your computer is infected by viruses and folder option is not visible in the Tools menu and you do not able to see your hidden files that you have hided already. If you know DOS and you remember your file's name then you can use

DOS to see the contents of your file. But if you don't know DOS that time you can use registry to see all the hidden files and folders in your computer. But be careful about changing registry. To do this you must have Administrative Priviledge to your computer...
1. go to Start 2. click on Run 3. type regedit 4. Registry Editor window opens. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER by clicking on the (+) sign 5. search Software and expand it 6. search Microsoft and expand it

7. search Windows and expand it 8. search CurrentVersion and expand it 9. search Explorer and expand it 10. you will see Advanced very next to Explorer. Now select Advanced 11. Now you will see various options in the right hand side of that window 12. Now you need to find the word Hidden. To …

Unblocking Websites in Windows

I have given you the trick to block websites yesterday. Now the question arises how do you unblock the blocked websites? To unblock the websites you have that you have blocked follow the steps below ::::
1. Open My Computer / Computer from Desktop 2. open the Local Disk (C) or C drives 3. open Windows folder 4. open System32 folder 5. open drivers folder 6. open etc folder 7. open hosts file in notepad to edit it 8. delete the IP Addres i.e, with website (URL) address for example for example 9. press Ctrl + S to save the file

**** now all the websites are unblocked. leave a comment if you like it *****

Making a funny virus on windows XP

Lets start the process of making a funny virus in windows XP. If some one try to open this file computer will start shutting down itself. To create it follow the steps below ::::::
1. First right click on the Desktop screen 2. Go to New 3. then click on shortcut 4. now type shutdown -s -t 60 (time to shutdown) -c " Virus Dtected On Your Computer. Computer Is Shutting Down To Protect Your System." (you can type whatever you want to display) 5. Click on Next 6. Type the name of the icon 7. Click on Finish
***** Now you need to change the icon of the file ****

8. Right click on the icon that you have created 9. Go to properties 10. Click on Change Icon 11. Select the desired icon 12. Click on O.K 13. Click on Apply 14. Click on O.K
**** your virus is ready now. if some one try to open it, the system will shutdown after the time you have mentioned ****
15. To prevent the computer shutting down go to start 16. click on Run 17. type shutdown -a
**** now the computer will stop fr…

Block a website in Windows XP

To block a website so that one can browse that website without yourself.
To block a website follow the steps bekow ::::
1. Open C drive or Local Disk (C) i.e, system drive 2. Open Windows 3. Open System 32 4. Open Drivers 5. Open etc 6. Open the host file
**** now you need to type the website that you want to block ****
7. type website address for example  say 8. type website address go on....
**** you can't type, because this IP is reserved for localhost only ****