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How To See Hidden Files & Folders In Windows XP

If your computer is infected by viruses and folder option is not visible in the Tools menu and you do not able to see your hidden files that you have hided already. If you know DOS and you remember your file's name then you can use

DOS to see the contents of your file. But if you don't know DOS that time you can use registry to see all the hidden files and folders in your computer. But be careful about changing registry. To do this you must have Administrative Priviledge to your computer...

1. go to Start
2. click on Run
3. type regedit
4. Registry Editor window opens. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER by clicking on the (+) sign
5. search Software and expand it
6. search Microsoft and expand it

7. search Windows and expand it
8. search CurrentVersion and expand it
9. search Explorer and expand it
10. you will see Advanced very next to Explorer. Now select Advanced
11. Now you will see various options in the right hand side of that window
12. Now you need to find the word Hidden. To open Hidden you need to double click on it
13. You see the Value data 1. Now you need to change the Value data to 2 instead of 1
14. click on O.K
15. Now close the Registry Editor window

Now you will able to see all the hidden files and folders in your computer. To reverse it do the above process and change the Value data to 1 instead of 2.