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What is Word Processing?

Word Processor is a Software package that enables you to create, edit, print and save documents for future retrieval and reference. Creating a document involves typing by using a keyboard and saving it. Editing a document involves correcting the spelling mistakes. The main advantage of a word processor over a conventional typewriter is that a word processor enables you to make changes to a document without retyping the entire document. The followings are examples of some popular word processor available .......
  • Microsoft word
  • Open Office
  • Softword
  • WordStar
  • Word perfect

There are numerous features of a word processor. A few of them are given below ......
  • Words and sentences can be inserted, amended or deleted.
  • Paragraphs or text can be copied /moved throughout the document.
  • Margins and page length can be adjusted as desired. Spelling can be checked and modified through the spell check facility.
  • Tables can be made and included in the text.
  • Word also has the facility of macros. Macros can be either attached to some function / special keys or to a tool bar or to a menu.