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Be always updated. A good news for you all that releases Quick Heal 2012 Product Series and it is available for all segments like, students, home users, small or medium companies and for corporate. If you are a registered user you can easily upgrade to Quick Heal 2012. To get the latest Quick Heal 2012 Product series follow the link below..... 

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free of cost web service by Google for webmasters. Google Webmaster Tools helps webmasters to check website errors and to remove them. This tool helps you in various way. It gives you full info about your website like how Google indexes your website pages, how many pages of your website have been indexed and many more. To register with the Google Webmaster Tools just follow the link   and do the needful.  After registration you have to add your website with Google Webmaster Tools and verify it. 
You can verify your website by two different methods. One is Recommended method and another is Alternate mthods. 

On Recommended method you will have to copy the meta tag which is recommended and paste it into your site's home page the <head> section before the first <body> section and then click on verify button on Webmaster Tools. 
On Alternate methods you will find three different methods.  1. Upload an …

Google + opens for everyone

After the trial of three months Google + is now open for everyone. In this three months Google + becomes massive popular social network. And now it is open for everyone. Before that if anyone want to become a member of Google+ need an invitation an existing Google+ user. Now the wait is over. And from now no one need an invitation to open Google+ account.  on Google+. It is free for everyone.

Any one can open an account on Google +. So take a long breath and starts opening your account on Google +. So, enjoy Google + and starts hang out, live chat, play games, upload your photos and many more. Many of us have a Google / Gmail account. Use your existing email address and password and register now. Isn't it easy!

How To Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some shortcuts in Gmail which help you to use Gmail easily and save your time. Suppose you want to send an email to your friend. So what do you do? You click on Compose to send mail. But if you setup the shortcuts of your Gmail account you do not have to go to Compose. Simply just press the shortcut key on the keyboard for the application and starts mailing. Isn't it time saving. To do so click on the gear box in the extreme top of the right corner of your email and click on Mail Settings then click on Labs and scroll down to Custom keyboard shortcuts and select Enabled and scroll down and click on Save Changes. The below picture shown the default value for the shortcuts. Even you can undo your sent message with in a short time. Similarly you select Enable button for various applications.

Top 15 Social Networking Websites

Social Networking means a relation between two or more people within the globe so that they can exchange their feeling, suggestions  and discuss any issue between them. Now a days video conferencing facility also available for the users. They can see each other also with the help of this facility.
Social Networking websites are play a vital role in our daily life. Now social networking websites are become an unbelievable part of our life. The era of social networking website began in 1994. The first socila networking website of the world was geocities and it was launched on internet in 1994. Then after it is history. From that time there are so many social networking websites are launched on internet. But very few touch the sky of popularity. 
In the recent times, facebook is the most popular among all the social networking website. Facebook came into existence in 2004. Almost 55,00,00,000 user vist facebook monthly.

Twitter is most popular among celebraties all over the world and came i…