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Google+’s Secret Weapon Against Twitter and Facebook

The proliferation of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter come mostly from success stories, and cross-over events with mainstream media. Once CNN started using tweets during live broadcasts, the platform was cemented in our minds as a destination to discover topical trends and real-time conversation. Once Facebook became a strong piece of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, we knew that the social network bohemeth wasn’t going anywhere.

Google+ came along, a little bit late to the game. A lot late, actually. Google’s service has a thing or two up its sleeve, though.
One of those secret weapons is Daria Musk. A musician small in stature, with a powerful voice and a brilliant ability to make a guitar seemingly sing backup to that powerful voice of hers. 

How can one person be a secret weapon that could move the masses to take a second or third look at Google+? Masterful use of supporting tools and features, and leveraging a platform that doesn’t pander solely to mainstream celebrities. Google+ is truly a platform where anyone who wants to work hard can succeed. Daria Musk is living proof of that.

Source : TheNextWeb