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People Pays Tribute To Dr. Bhupen Hazarika at Chapar

Manuhe Manuhar Babe
Jadihe Akanu Nabhabe
Akani Xahanubhutire
Bhabibo Kunenu Kuwa Xamaniya
Manuhe Manuhar Babe........

Translation :-

If man does not think about man, with a little sympathy, who else will, say comrade.

We lost a great legend, a mentor, an icon, a lyricist, a film maker, a director, a poet, ac actor, a mirror of our culture, a true ambassador. Loss of this legend creates an empty field in the field of music. His life is totally dedicated to music.

No one in the history of Assam get homage like dearer Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Every corner of his native state people pay homage by lighting clay lambs, flowering on his photo. Not only his native state but also some other parts of India people pay tribute to him.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, a musician, singer, poet, filmmaker, lyricist, and politician popularly known as "Bhupen Da" among his followers. His name is sufficient for his identity. No words are sufficient for his introduction.

He was born in 8 September, 1926 in Sadiya, Assam. He was the eldest child of Nilakanta and Shantipriya Hazarika.He was very talented and addicted to music from his childhood.  As a result he got the chance to sing for the second Assamese film Indramalati (Biswa Bijoy No Jowan), directed by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala in 1939 at the age of 12.

Though his native language is Assamese, he sang many non  Assamese songs in Bengali, Hindi, English. He was popular among music lovers because of his unique voice and flawless singing and crisp baritone and he never forget the diction. His songs touched the heart of every music lover. His popularity crosses the boundary of India.

Bhupen Da completed his intermediate (Arts) from Cotton College in 1942, and B.A. from Banaras Hindu University in 1944 and M.A. in Political Science in 1946. In 1952, he earned Ph.D in Mass Communication from Columbia University in New York, submitting a dissertation titled "Proposals for Preparing India's Basic Education to Use Audio-Visual Techniques in Adult Education".

He was conferred many prestigious award including Padma Sri (1977), National Film Award for his film Chameli Mem Saab (1977), Gold medal from Arunachal Pradesh Government for "outstanding contribution towards tribal welfare, and uplift of tribal culture through cinema and music" (1979), Dadasaheb Phalke Award,(1992) Padma Bhusan (2001), Sangeet Natak Academy Award (2008), AssamRatna (2009), Muktijuddha Padak by Bangladesh  Government (posthumously 2011) and many more ..... He was also the President of the Asam Sahitya Sabha for Sibsagar session in 1993.

All Assam Students Union (A.A.S.U.) honored him by erecting his life size statue in the heart of the city (Dighali Pukhuri) of Guwahati in 2009. The statue was unveiled by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika himself.

::::: Some of his famous songs are :::::
  • Manuhe Manuhar Baabe
  • Aami Axomia Naha o Dukhiya
  • Bistirno Parore
  • Aami Ekekhon Nawore Jatri 
  • Moi Eti Jajabor
  • O Bidekhi Bandhu Durbhagiya
  • Ganga Mor Maa
  • Meghe Ghir Ghir Kore
  • Dil Hum Hum Kore Ghabraaye
  • Maula o Maula
  • And many more Immortal songs 

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