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Block or Stop facebook notification or message to gmail or email account

When you open your email you see your inbox is full with Facebook notifications. You get updates and group updates from all your Facebook friends. Facebook notifications perspiring you to find an important mail. If I ask you does Facebook notifications into your Gmail account irritates you? Definitely you say yes. Don't worry! You can overcome this problem. Use your Filter to skip all Facebook notifications to your inbox. Just follow the steps and images below :::: 

Step 1. First login to your Gmail Account
Step 2. Open an email which comes from Facebook and copy the notification address like upda​te+kjdm_j7​1_h5i@face​bookmail.c​om or or
Step 3. Click on the Gear Icon for settings in the right side of top corner and then click Settings.
 Step 4. Select Filters
 Step 5. Click Create a new filter.
Step 6. Filter dialog box opens. Paste your notification address upda​te+kjdm_j7​1_h5i@face​bookmail.c​om or or against blank cell From and type your email ID ( against To. You can leave blank the others parts and then click Create filter with this search.
Step 7. Select check box against Skip the Inbox (Archive it) to prevent notifications to go to Inbox and select check box against Apply the label and click Choose label and then click New label to create a label
Step 8. Type the new label name Facebook (this is the label where all the Facebook notifications come) and then click Create
Step 9. Select the check box against Also apply filter to ... matching conversations and then click Create filter
Step 10. Your label is shown right side with pink color in the below image. All your future Facebook notification will come to this label. To see all updates from your friends click this label.
If you wish to create more filters for Facebook to filter your inbox you can. You can choose same filter label to come all notification in the same label.

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  1. That was awesome help, thanq

  2. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I own a facebook account & love to chat with my friends but these notifications!!!! I was just irritated with many kind of useless notifications in my account and wanted to stop them & the above trick helped me a lot. I was just fed up with these notifications in my inbox.
    Thank you so much

  3. thanks for your help


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