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How To Upload MP3 Song To Blogger And WordPress

Do you want to create your mp3 blog on blogger? Is it really possible to create mp3 blog on blogger? Since blogger does not have any option to upload mp3 songs you can't upload your favorite mp3 song directly to your blog. You can upload either image or video in your blog. Its a dream to upload mp3 song to your blog. Although blogger doesn't have any option you can upload your favorite mp3 song to your blog via OpenDrive. To upload any mp3 songs to your blog follow the steps below :::::::: 

1. you must have an account where you can store your mp3 songs. Now a days too many sites provide this facilities. One is OpenDrive where you can store your mp3 songs. OpenDrive provide 5GB free storage capacity. In this post I will show you how to upload mp3 on OpenDrive and how to add that mp3 file to your blog.

2. Then upload your mp3 songs in the My Music folder
3. Now right click on your mp3 songs file and clink on Link
4. Copy the HTML Embed code and paste it into your blog's HTML editor.

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  1. Thanks for this. I will try on my blog site!!!!

  2. how to align its coming in the bottom of blog..?

  3. Amazing blog for mp3 song uploading i will try it on my blog


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