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Porngate Scandal And The Indian Politics

If you look back in past few years you find various incidents where politicians were involved in watching pornography sites or porn movies in the assembly or in the parliament. As we know that an assembly is like a temple where elected members of different constituency or province take oath putting their hands on their holy books like Gita, Quran and Bible to work hard and honestly for their constituency and for the country.

But in real, what do the elected members do in the assembly hall or in the parliament. And when you find them enjoying porn movies, throwing chairs-tables to each other and also throwing loud speakers to the president or chairman. What do you think? Are they really eligible to represent a constituency? Though they do not feel shame but they make us shameful.

They are not in assembly to discuss the various issues of their constituency or the country. They are in assembly only for the power. They are as greedy as like a dog. I think we all have read the story of…

Ugly Faces of Indian in Corruption

Andimuthu Raja

Popularly known as A. Raja in Indian politics. He is a politician from the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) political party and was a member of the 15th Lok Sabha representing the Nilgiris constituency of Tamil Nadu. His name was came into existence 2011 when the investigating agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filled a chargesheet on April 2, 2011 in the allegation of A. Raja in the 2 G scams. 2 G spectrum was a financial scandal involved the alleged corrupt sale in 2008 of telecommunications bandwidth to selected organisations at lower prices than the real market value of the asset. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) also holds Raja personally responsible for the sale of 2G spectrum at lower rates in 2008 and estimated that the loss at 176,645 crore (US$35.24 billion). Later he was sent to Tihar jail. Time magazine listed the 2 G scam at number two on their “ Top 10 Abuses of Power ” list in 2011 in which Raja was allegedly involved.

Suresh Kalmadi

An …

How To Reset or Changed Root Password on Red Hat Linux

How do you configure your computer's password on Red Hat when you forget the password? To configure password you need to login in the single user mode. Follow the steps below to configure or reset your password ::::

1.   restart your system
2.   press downward arrow on the keyboard as soon as counting begins to login to your default operating system
3.   if there are multiple operating system installed in your system then select the Red Hat operating system
4.   press E on the keyboard to edit the file
5.   select 2nd line by upward and downward arrow i.e.,

      kernel /boot /vmlinuz-2.618........ root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet

6.   press E on the keyboard to edit the file
7.   press space bar on the keyboard and type single
8.   press Enter on the keyboard
9.   press B on the keyboard
10. type passwd to change the password 
11. type new password
12. press Enter on the keyboard
13. retype the password
14. press Enter on the keyboard
15. type reboot to restart your system�…

Biggest Scams In India

Who says India is a 3rd world or poor country? When you see the list of scams or corruptions that happened in India after independent. You will be shocked and your eyes are on your forehead. India was never be a poor country and nor it now. It is very rich and wealthy country before Mughal and British Empire. There are numerous natural resources from where India can get many revenue. But it is not possible due to some of our very high levels of  Government Officials and fraud political leaders. Our political leaders are very smart in promising they forgets everything after the election whatever the promises before the election and indulge themselves in corruption. A civilized country never expect such types of biggest scams. But those we do not expect that is happening in India. All the scams happened in India are touches the limit of sky.

From the independence of India, there are countless corruptions occurred in India in Govt or Private sectors. Not a single departments are left wi…