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How To Reset or Changed Root Password on Red Hat Linux

How do you configure your computer's password on Red Hat when you forget the password? To configure password you need to login in the single user mode. Follow the steps below to configure or reset your password ::::

1.   restart your system
2.   press downward arrow on the keyboard as soon as counting begins to login to your default operating system
3.   if there are multiple operating system installed in your system then select the Red Hat operating system
4.   press E on the keyboard to edit the file
5.   select 2nd line by upward and downward arrow i.e.,

      kernel /boot /vmlinuz-2.618........ root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet

6.   press E on the keyboard to edit the file
7.   press space bar on the keyboard and type single
8.   press Enter on the keyboard
9.   press B on the keyboard
10. type passwd to change the password 
11. type new password
12. press Enter on the keyboard
13. retype the password
14. press Enter on the keyboard
15. type reboot to restart your system
15. type exit

Now your Red Hat password is change


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