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Porngate Scandal And The Indian Politics

If you look back in past few years you find various incidents where politicians were involved in watching pornography sites or porn movies in the assembly or in the parliament. As we know that an assembly is like a temple where elected members of different constituency or province take oath putting their hands on their holy books like Gita, Quran and Bible to work hard and honestly for their constituency and for the country.

But in real, what do the elected members do in the assembly hall or in the parliament. And when you find them enjoying porn movies, throwing chairs-tables to each other and also throwing loud speakers to the president or chairman. What do you think? Are they really eligible to represent a constituency? Though they do not feel shame but they make us shameful.

They are not in assembly to discuss the various issues of their constituency or the country. They are in assembly only for the power. They are as greedy as like a dog. I think we all have read the story of a greedy dog. He was crossing a river with a piece of meat in his mouth and when he saw the image of his own in the river’s water, he felt greedy and opened his mouth to snatch the meat of his image, the meat of his own mouth fell in the river. Once they elects, they are involved in corruption and make their property like the Mount Everest at one time his political career is destroyed.

If you see in the Indian parliament, you will find various ministers and member of parliaments against various cases are running in different courts. There are 15 members of parliament against whom murder cases are running, against 23 members attempt to murder cases are running, against 11 members 420 (cheating others) cases are running and against 13 members kidnapping cases are running. Corruption reaches the extreme point and it crosses the entire limit.

On Feb 7, 2012 what happened in the Karnataka assembly all we know. Our respected politicians Laxman Savadi and C C Patil were enjoying porn movies on their mobile when the discussion on the most important issue of Sindagi of Bijapur district was going on in the assembly where Pakistan’s flag was hoisted. Laxman Savadi, C C Patil were caught in a television channel’s camera. When it was published Laxman Savadi told that Keenan B Palmore sent that video to his mobile and in this way Krishna B Palmore’s name came in the list. Among them Laxman Savadi was a Indian Nigam Minister, C C Patil was a Women and Child Welfare minister and Keenan Palmore was Port and Environment minister. They lost their morality. Isn't it an insult to the constitution?

According to a member of inquiry committee there were more 15 members in assembly those are watching porn movie at that time and these members from Congress, BJP and Janata Dal (S) party.

Now the question is do you believe that these leaders can help our country growing up and make us to be a proud nation so that others can follow us. Do you think that these leaders can help us poverty free? From the date of independence we are fighting with various issues and we are even not achieving our target. We are lagging behind than various countries. In recent times our economy is gradually going down and the value of rupees is gradually decreasing. And it crosses 57 rupees against per dollar and don’t know where it stops.

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