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Best Olympics For India

India ended the London Olympics with six medals with two silver and four bronze. Though India did managed to win any gold medal in London Olympics from the point of number of medals it was the best Olympic performance by any Indian Olympics delegation. From the day India participated in Olympics they have won total one or two medals in Olympics before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
In 2008 Beijing Olympics India won three medals including a gold by Abhinav Binda in rapid fire shooting and two bronze by Sushil Kumar in wrestling and Vijender Singh in boxing. Before the Beijing Olympics India have won most of the medals in Hockey. Indian Hockey won 11 medals in Olympics (8 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) including 6 consecutive golds in 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956 Olympics.

Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav
(1952 Helsinki Olympics)

Widely known as 'pocket dynamo'. KD Jadhav was the Independent India's first individual medal winner in Olympics. He won a bronze medal in wrestling in 1952 Helsinki Olympics and open the door of Olympic medals in individual category. He defeated wrestler from Canada, Mexico and Germany to win bronze medal and thus he created history and became the first Indian to stand on podium. India won two medals in this Olympic for the first time.
Photo : wikipedia
Leander Paes
(1996 Atlanta Olympics)

After 44 years of KD Jadhav, Leander Paes repeated the history in 1996 Atlanta Olympic. He won bronze medal in men's single event in Lawn Tennis. This was the second individual medal in Olympics and was the second time when any Indians stood on the podium after KD Jadhav. He won the bronze medal by defeating Brazil's Fernando Meligeni. Leander Paes was defeated by American great Andre Agassi 7-6,6-3 in the semi final who eventually won the gold medal. With that match Leander becomes the hopes of millions of Indians and later he proved himself winning all the grand slams.  
Photo : Getty Images
Karnam Malleswari
(2000 Sydney Olympics)

2000 Sydney Olympics was always remembered in Indian Olympics history for her achievement in weightlifting. For the first time an Indian woman stood on the podium winning bronze medal in women's 69 kg category event. Malleswari, the iron lady of India was a weightlifter from Andhra Pradesh lifted 110 kg in snatch and 130 kg in clean and jerk and for a total lift of 240 kg (110 kg + 130 kg) and won bronze medal for India.

Photo : Reuters
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
(2004 Athens Olympics)

Sports loving Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was the first man to win silver medal in men's double trap in 2004 Athens Olympics. This was the best individual performance by any Indian after independence. While growing up he wanted to become a cricketer but his fate brought him to National Defense Acadamy and from there his journey began as an ace Indian shooter.

Rathore with silver medal in 2004 Athens Olympics.  Photo : Reuters
Abhinav Bindra 
(2008 Beijing Olympics) 

Abhinav Bindra became the golden boy for the whole country as he won the gold medal in 10 meter air rifle shooting event in 2008 Beijing Olympics. From the day (1896) modern Olympics began Indians were never able to achieve this target. A young dynamic, calm boy Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal for the first time in Indian Olympics history and bestowed the whole country. He scored total 700.5 points  in the final.

Abhinav Bindra with gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Photo : Getty Images
Vijender Singh
(2008 Beijing Olympics)

A handsome, tall and dynamic boy Vijender is always remembered in Indian Olympics history for his bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the first time any Indian boxer win a medal in Olympics boxing. Vijender booked his bronze medal in Beijing Olympics defeating Carlos Gongora Mercado of Ecuador in the middleweight category.

Vijender Singh with 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medal.  Photo : AFP/Getty Images
Sushil Kumar
(2008 Beijing Olympics)  

Sushil Kumar son of a bus driver make proud all the Indians as he won the bronze medal in Beijing Olympics. Before Sushil only KD Jadhav had managed to win a bronze medal in wrestling in 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Sushil defeated Leonid Spirindonov of Kazakhstan 3-1 in the repechage round. After two years later he created history by winning gold medal in 2010 World Wrestling Championship in Moscow.
Sushil Kumar with 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medal.  Photo : AFP
Gagan Narang
(2012 London Olympics)

India opened their account with Gagan Narang's bronze medal in  men's 10 meter air rifle event. He was India's only hopes in  10 meter air rifle event  as defending gold medalist Abhinav Bindra's crashed out. India expected a medal from Gagan Narang as he was the 4 gold medalist in 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games and 2010 Delhi  Commonwealth Games. He scored 701.1 points to win bronze medal. It was India's eight individual medal in Olympics and first in London Olympics.

Gagan Narang with 2012 London Olympics bronze medal.  Photo : AP
Vijay Kumar
(2012 London Olympics)

India's biggest moment came when 26 years old Vijay Kumar who competing for the first time in Olympics win the silver medal in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. After Gagan Narang, Vijay Kumar winner of three gold and one silver medals at 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and two bronze in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games win second medal in shooting at London Olympics. Though he failed to qualify for final in men's 10 meter air pistol event but he makes proud all the Indians in 25 m rapid fire pistol event. India had high expectations from its 11 member shooting contingent at the Royal Artillery Barracks. Among them gold medalist Abhinav Bindra was there but he failed to defend his medal at London Olympics.  
Vijay Kumar with silver medal in 2012 London Olympics.  Photo : AFP
Saina Nehwal
(2012 London Olympics)

Saina Nehwal creates history when her Chinese opponent Wang Xin pull out her name in the second game due to a knee injury and became the second woman of India to stand on the podium. She had lost the first game 18-21 and was trailing 0-1 in the second game when Wang Xin was forced to pull out with a right knee injury. She became the first woman to win a bronze medal in badminton and also became the first woman to play semi final in Olympics. She was the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championship in 2008 and the first Indian to win the Super Series (Indonesia open) tournament in Jakarta in 2009. On her way to win the Indonesian open she defeated higher ranked Chinese player Wang Lin.  She reached in the quarter final of 2008 Beijing Olympics and stopped by Maria Kristin Yulianti of Indonesia.    
Saina Nehwal with bronze medal in 2012 London Olympics.  Photo : AFP
MC Mary Kom
(2012 London Olympics)

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, popularly known as Mary Kom in world women's boxing. Five time world women's boxing champion (2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010) and mother of two children Mary Kom wins bronze medal in London Olympics and became the first woman to win the bronze medal in boxing as boxing was entered in the London Olympics for the first time. 

MC Mary Kom with 2012 London Olympics bronze medal. Photot : PTI
Yogeshwar Dutt
(2012 London Olympics)  

Gold medalist of 2003 London (55 kg), 2005 Cape Town and 2007 London Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, and Asian Wrestling Championship Yogeshwar Dutt created history when he beat Ri Jong Myong of North Korea 3-1 in the bronze medal play in 60 kg freestyle category at the ExCel Arena. Despite a badly swollen eye he fought three repechage bouts and win the Olympic bronze medal. He became the first Indian wrestler to win bronze medal in 60 kg freestyle category. He missed out a medal at 2008 Beijing Olympics that loss remained with him for four years and driving him to push himself harder and results come in London Olympics. 

Yogeshwar Dutt with 2012 London Olympics bronze Medal.  Photo : Reuters
Sushil Kumar
(2012 London Olympics) 

Once again bronze medalist at 2008 Beijing Olympics Sushil Kumar makes all the Indians proud in London Olympics. He creates history when he win the silver medal in the 66 kg freestyle category in the London Olympics and became the one and only athlete of India to win individual medals in back to back Olympics. He defeated Japanese wrestler Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu 3-1 in the gold medal bout.

Sushil Kumar with silver medal in 2012 London Olympics.   photo: AP 
No doubt you are all the national hero. You are all a great inspiration for all young guys, great represent-or and role model of the game. Many many congrats to all of you for your remarkable achievement in Olympics and other competitions and making all of us proud. Hats off to all of you. 


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