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Show And Hide Desktop Icons In Windows XP ?

You can hide all your desktop icons from viewing others and whenever you want you can show all your desktop icons. To hide and show the desktop icons just do the below steps :::

1. right click anywhere on your desktop
2. go to Arrange Icons By and select Show Desktop Icons. As you select Show Desktop Icons all the desktop icons will appear.

Again if you want to hide all the desktop icons do the same steps.

Remove Background Colour Of Desktop Icons In Windows XP ?

To remove the background colour of desktop icons you just need to follow few below steps::
1. right click anywhere on your desktop
2. go to Arrange Icons By and select Lock Web Items on Desktop

Again if you do the same process you will see background colour of desktop icons.

How To Change Facebook Profile URL Address

Although there are millions of Facebook users. But very less user know about this. If I ask how many of them know about this. You never get a handsome percentage of correct answer. Don't worry I will teach you in this tutorial how to change Facebook profile address (URL). Facebook permits you only ones to change your profile address. Once you have changed your profile address you never get back to your previous address. To change your Facebook profile URL you just need to follow the steps below.

1. First login to your Facebook account

2. Click on the small arrow head shown in the next image by a red arrow

3. Select Account Settings

4. Click on Edit in the right hand side against your username. Follow the red circle.

5. Type you required username shown by red circle. But remember you can change it only ones. You never get back to your previous profile address.

6. Type your Facebook password and click on Save Change to get your new profile address

How to Open and Read MS Word 2007 and 2010 File in MS Word 2003

Microsoft Word 2007 and Word 2010 is an upgraded version of Microsoft Word 2003. Since it is upgraded version that's why you can not open a file which written in MS Word 2007. The main difference is extension of the file. In MS Word 2003 the extension is .doc and in MS Word 2007 it is " .docx ". If you want to open an MS Word 2007 and 2010 file in MS Word 2003 you have to change the extension to " .doc ". But it is only possible at the time of saving the file. To do so go to File and click on Save As and select Word 97-2003 Document option to save the file i.e., compatible to MS Word 2003.

If you want to set it permanently to save all your future files for MS Word 2003 compatible you have to change the default settings of MS Word 2007 and 2010. To do so you need to follow the steps below.
1. Click on Office Button

2. Click on Options Words

3. Click on Save 

4. Click on downward arrow and select Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)

5. Click on OK

Your settings are sav…

How To Change Default Language of MS Word

When you are working on Microsoft Word 2007 especially in Windows 7 and found that your default language is changed. It means that unfortunately you press somewhere on your keyboard. As a result your default language is changed. To overcome this problem you need to press left Alt + Shift on the keyboard. Try more time till you get your desired language.

Compress Your High Quality And Big Size Photos Without Losing Quality

Although if you don't have enough memory space in you mobile phone, you can keep large number of high quality photos of digital camera. Actually photos of digital camera have high resolution and due to this size of a digital camera's photo has something like 800KB, 1MB or more higher than this value. In that case you need to compress this photos so that you can keep all your memories in your mobile's memory card. No need to compress your image with zip software. No need to install extra software in your system. Have you ever heard about Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Microsoft Operating System software CD/DVD has Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It is preinstalled in your system when operating system (OS) is installed. It is very easy to compress your high quality and big size photos. To do so you just need to follow the steps below ::

1. right click on a photo and go to Open with and then click on Microsoft Office Picture Manager (follow the red arrows)

2. click on T…

Salamworld Upcoming Social Networking Sites Especially For Muslims

Salamworld is a global network based on Islamic idea of "collaboration". You can say it a "mimbar" of the modern Muslim society. It allows you to express your individuality through different countries. Salamworld is the chance for every user to claim about its social integrity and interests. 

It is the chance for Muslims to have their own space in internet and in social networks and a unique communication system enabling exchange of knowledge, skills, useful information, jobs and business. Professional experts from 12 countries are working on this project day and night. 
Salamworld's audiences are young generation of Muslims and non Muslims and modern Muslim families.

How To Take Backup Of Your Facebook Data

Backup is the most important for all social media sites or email. Backup help you to get back your previous data. Facebook is the most popular social networking website around the world. If you dissatisfied with Facebook then you can deactivate your account since Facebook does not have delete option. Before deactivating your Facebook account don't forget to download your all data like your timeline, photos, videos, everything you have done on Facebook from the opening your Facebook account. To download or take backup of your Facebook data you will need to follow the steps below :::

Step 1. login to your Facebook account
Step 2. click on the arrow at top right corner as shown in the below image.

Step 3. click on Account Settings

Step 4. click on Download a copy

Step 5. click on Start My Archive

Step 6. again click on Start My Archive

Step 7. click on Confirm

Step 8. Your request for backup is pending.

You will get an email notification from Facebook regarding backup your Facebook…

How To Upload Photo on Twitter

Twitter is most popular social networking website among politicians and celebrities very much. This article help you to learn how to upload a photo in your twitter account. To upload photo on twitter just follow the steps below :::

Step 1. login to your twitter account Step 2. Click on the twitting area "Compose new Tweet...." follow the red arrow shown in the image.

Step 3. Click on the camera icon. Follow the red arrow on the below image.

Step 4. browse your photo and then click on Open. Follow the red arrow on the below image.
Step 5. Your photo is uploaded. Now click tweet button to tweet this photo.

Naroda Patiya Massacre - Gujrat Riot 2002

The 2002 Gujrat riots came in existence when a Muslim mob attacked a carriage of the Sabarmati Express train and set on fire on Coach No. S-6 near the Godhra town in the morning of 27 February, 2002.

The train was set ablaze and 58 Kar Sevaks died who were returning from Ayodhya at the same place after demolition of Babri Masjid. The news was sparking a wave of reprisal violence and on 28 February, 2002 a large number of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) people gathered at Naroda Patiya and killed 97 minority community people while 33 others were injured. Bodies of the minority community people were butchered and burned beyond recognition. The gathered VHP people attacked businesses and mosques and raped women and properties of Muslim community were damaged and set on fire.

The Naroda Patiya massacre is the largest single case of mass murder where 97 minority community peoples were killed during 2002 Gujarat riots. Naroda Patiya Massacre case has been probed by Special Investigating Team…