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Compress Your High Quality And Big Size Photos Without Losing Quality

Although if you don't have enough memory space in you mobile phone, you can keep large number of high quality photos of digital camera. Actually photos of digital camera have high resolution and due to this size of a digital camera's photo has something like 800KB, 1MB or more higher than this value. In that case you need to compress this photos so that you can keep all your memories in your mobile's memory card. No need to compress your image with zip software. No need to install extra software in your system. Have you ever heard about Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Microsoft Operating System software CD/DVD has Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It is preinstalled in your system when operating system (OS) is installed. It is very easy to compress your high quality and big size photos. To do so you just need to follow the steps below ::

1. right click on a photo and go to Open with and then click on Microsoft Office Picture Manager (follow the red arrows)

2. click on Thumbnail View at the extremely top of the right corner of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager window (follow the red arrows)

3. select all the desired photos and click on Edit Pictures (follow the red arrows)

4. click on Compress Pictures in the right hand side (follow the red arrows)

5. now select Documents in the right hand side (follow the red arrows)

6. click on OK (follow the red arrows)

7. click on Save button or press Ctrl +S on keyboard to save your compressed pictures (follow the red arrows)

Enjoy carrying all your memories with you.