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How to Add A Logo To Blogger Header

By default blogger header has only a single section that appears left side at the top of your blog. Normally header section contains blog title, logo and description of your blog. Most of the templates are designed and developed by different developers so the coding are different a little bit but the format is same for all templates.

Header is the most important section where bloggers need to concentrate a lot. Although default blogger header has only a single section but you can customize the header according to your requirement. If you are an expert you can slice the header section twice, thrice sections. I have already posted regarding How to Divide / Split Blogger Header in Two Parts in my previous post.

Adding a logo at the header section gives an extra look to your blog. In this post I will show you how to add a logo to blogger header.

Steps to add a logo to header

Step 1. At first login to your blogger account
Step 2. After that you need to click Layout located left hand side

Change or Update Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

This feature of Facebook is most desired and popular. When ever you someone's profile you will see a beautiful cover photo. You can choose a cover photo from your Facebook photo that you have uploaded already on Facebook. Otherwise you can upload your desired cover photo from your computer also. This feature help you to get your unique cover photo. You can change your cover photo numerous time. There is no limitation. To change your Facebook timeline cover photo you must have to update your profile from older version to Facebook timeline. After that login to your Facebook account with the help of your user name and password. And then follow the steps below::

1. click on Change Cover

2. select Upload Photo.... if you want to upload a photo from your computer  or select Choose from Photos... to select a photo from your facebook album.

3. browse the location of your photo and click on Open

4. your photo will be uploaded within a few second and select Drag to Reposition Cover. You can…

How To Disable GPRS Connection or Edge Network From Samsung GT S5222

When you use your Samsung GT S522 for internet purpose a capital letter E (blue colour) appears near the strength of the network symbol. This E is called as edge network. Once it is enabled your account is debited by 10 paise or more after some interval even when you are not using GPRS and this will continue till your account balance becomes zero. Though you disable blue colour E or edge network after few minutes it comes again and your balance is deducted till your balance reach 10 paise.

In Samsung Star 3 Duos there is no option to disable your GPRS connection. Therefore, it is very difficult to disable it. Though somehow I get success doing the below process. I  am using double SIM in my mobile and i use internet with my SIM2. After using internet do the following steps to disable this blue colour capital E or edge network or disable GPRS connection.

Step 1. go to Menu

Step 2. click Settings

Step 3. click Network

Step 4. click Connections

Step 5. click Yes when it asks "This …

How To Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Do you know you can create and customize your own Google chrome theme? Chrome Web Store provides this facility to chrome users. To create your own Google chrome theme you need to first go to Chrome Web Store. Type on your browser URL (uniform resource location) address to go to Chrome Web Store. Now do the following steps to create your own chrome theme.

1. select category Popular and scroll down to My Chrome Theme and click on ADD TO CHROME and then click Add. Now My Chrome Theme is added to your chrome browser. Follow the red arrow of the below image. 2. Now click on the My Chrome Them as shown in the image below. 3. click on START MAKING THEME as shown in the image below 4. select upload Image to upload your image from your system or can use webcam to take your photo. 5. now browse your image and select it and click on Open or you can double click on your selected image. You can select View option to see your image as thumbnail as shown in the be…

Add Utilities on Google Chrome Browser

Adding utilities on chrome browser help you to go to that site with one click. At first you need to go to  chrome web store. Just type on you url address. You will see various online web applications which are decorated by categories.

To add various utilities just select the desired category and click on Add To Chrome and click Add. Similarly you can add various web application utilities on chrome browser.

How To Change Google Chrome Theme

Google chrome web store provides various online web applications for chrome browser so that chrome user can easily access all the desired applications with one click. To add apps on your chrome browser just type on your URL address bar. You will see category wise various online applications. If you want to change your Google theme then scroll down select Themes category and keep mouse pointer on your desired theme and click on CHOOSE THEME. Whenever you want you can change it again.