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How to Change Default File Save Format in MS Word 2007

The file or document you have saved in Microsoft word 2007 is saved with (.docx) format. You can not open those files or documents in Microsoft word 2003. If you want  to open those files or documents in Microsoft word 2003 you need to save those files or documents in (.doc) format. You can change the extension when you save your document or you can change the default extension prior to do anything. Read also : Microsoft Word 2007 full tutorials.

Steps to change the default file save format

Step 1. Click on Office Button (extremely top of the left)
Step 2. click Word Options
Step 3. Select Save
Step 4. Click on small downward arrow to see the list against Save file in this format : (Word document (*.docx). Read also : MS Word 2003 full tutorials.
Step 5. Select Word 97-2003 document (*.doc)
Step 6. Click O.K. Read also : Open Office full tutorials.

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