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Connect Two Computers Through Local Area Network (LAN)

You can connect two computers through Local Area Network (LAN). Here I am showing computers where the windows XP installed. After connecting both computers you can remotely login to each computer. You need to connect two computers through the Patch code. Insert the one end of patch code i.e., RJ45 connector to the first computer’s LAN port which is situated back side near USB port. Similarly the other end connect to the 2nd computer’s LAN port. Now follow the steps below:

Go to 1st computer an do the following steps:

1. Right click on My Computer icon on desktop
2. Select Properties

3. Click on Remote
4. Select check box against “Allow Remote Assistance invitation to be sent from this computer”
5. Select check box against “Allow users to connect remotely to this compute”
6. Click on Apply
7. Click on O.K

8. Now click on My Network Place icon on the desktop
9. Click on Open

10. Click on View network connections

11. Right click on Local Area Connection
12. Select Properties

13. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

14. Click on Properties

15. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window opens. Select radio button against use the following IP address
16. Provide any Class C IP address which starts from
17. Provide Subnet mask i.e.,
18. Click on O.K

19. Again click on O.K

Do the above steps in the 2nd computer and give the IP address which is dissimilar to 1st computer’s IP address. 

Now both the computer is connected through LAN.

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