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Delete uploaded image or photo from Blogger

When you blogging on Blogger you can upload images or photos to your blog. But if you don't need any image/photo you can't delete that image. That means those image or photo remains on Blogger. You just remove any unwanted image/photo from your blog. But can't delete permanently. Blogger does not have any option to delete any image/photo permanently. But if you wish you can delete that image/photo from your blogger account. Whatever image/photo we upload on blog, all are uploaded on picasaweb. If you delete that image/photo from picasaweb your blog is affected. That means you do not see that image/photo on your blog. To do so just follow the instruction:

1. Login to  you can also switch from your Gmail or Blogger account after login.
2. Click on the photo that should be deleted.

3. Click on Actions

4. Select Delete this photo

Now your photo is deleted permanently from your Blogger account and picasaweb album.