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Google Docs Now Becomes Google Drive

Google's user can store their files and folders on Google Docs  ( earlier. Earlier Google's user can upload their files and folder manually when they use internet. Now they no need to upload their files and folder. Now Google Docs becomes Google Drive. Yes Google drive. Now you no need to upload your file and folder manually. You just need to install and download Google Drive in your system. To download and install Google drive in your system just type on URL address bar of internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome and then follow the instructions. To download and install Google drive you must have a valid Google account. Once you have completed installation open My Documents from desktop and you will see a directory named Google Drive there. Just put your important files and folder in Google Drive and that should be uploaded automatically to Google Drive. You can upload your files and folders manually also. You can create, edit and delete your document online. It will work only when you have internet connection.