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How To See All Apps in Windows 8

You do not see all Apps of Windows System in windows 8 directly. It is totally different from windows XP, windows Vista and windows 7. In windows XP, windows Vista and windows 7 you see all programs just clicking on the Start button. But in windows 8 there are 20 apps on Start screen. And no one can switch you to control panel or other windows programs. There is no other links to go Control Panel in windows 8. To go to Control Panel you need to right click on windows default screen i.e., Start screen then you will see All Apps below right corner. But remember you do not see any options when you right click on Start screen. Clicking on All Apps you will be switched to All Apps screen. All windows apps are available there. What ever apps you want you can choose from there. Select Control Panel and from there you can remove the desired installed programs.