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Protect your Facebook Timeline

Protecting your Facebook timeline gives you an extra security on Facebook. Once your timeline is protected no one can post on your timeline. If you do not protect your Facebook wall or timeline anyone can post on your timeline. So it is better to protect your Facebook timeline so that no one can post on your timeline. If any one tag you in a photo or video that do not appear in your timeline. It remains pending till you do not allow that photo or video on your timeline. Once you allow it appears on your timeline. To protect your Facebook timeline do the following steps:

1. login to your Facebook account
2. click on the small arrow near Home button on the top of the right hand side of your profile and select "Privacy Settings"

3. click "Edit Settings"

4. click "Friend" and select "No One" against Who can post on your timeline? and then click Done.

Your timeline is protected now. No one can post on your timeline.

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