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Shutdown Windows 8 By One Click

How could you shutdown or turn off windows 8 from start screen by one click? Normally you need to do lot of steps to shutdown your system from start screen. You need to click on your user name or user icon located top of right side and then you need to click Sign out. After that you need click anywhere on the lock screen then Shutdown icon i.e., located right side bottom and then you need to click Shut down. But do you know that you can shutdown your system from start screen just clicking once. 
To shutdown your system from start screen you need to create shutdown button. To create shutdown button just follow the below steps :  1. Click Desktop on start screen  2. Right click anywhere on Desktop  3. Click New and then click Shortcut  4. Type shutdown.exe -s -t 00 (You can change time according to you)  5. Click Next  6. Change the icon name or leave it and Click Next

Shutdown icon is created on your Desktop and you need to change the icon. To change the icon do the below steps :
7. …

Nero Kwik Media Manager Latest Version Free Download

The nero kwik media manager is completely free. With nero kwik media manager you can organize, edit, and share your music, photos, videos, and data. You can easily download it from  download section of the Nero website. Just enter your email id and click Download button to download Kwik media manager.

Minimum system requirements

Windows® XP SP3 (32bit), Windows Vista® SP1 or later (32 and 64bit), Windows® 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32 and 64bit) 2 GHz AMD or Intel® processor 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Windows Vista® or Windows® 7) 1 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components (including templates, content and temporary disk space) DirectX® 9.0 compliant graphics card with 3D acceleration, 16-bit color, and a minimum of 128 MB video memory is required (32-bit, true color, 256 MB dedicated video RAM, and support for Shader Model 3.0 is recommended) Microsoft Windows® Internet Explorer 7 for the integrated Market CD/DVD disc drive playback CD, DVD, or Blu…

How to Get Free Traffic to Website or Blog or Facebook/Twitter/YouTube Account

Do not have knowledge of HTML. You are not an SEO expert. Don't worry!  You can get traffic to your Facebook or Twitter page as well as to your website or blog. You can do it yourself. There are some other sites which can help you to get traffic to your website or blog. You just need to create an account on that site and follow their instructions. is a free traffic exchange site. It is better than other sites which provide this kind of facility. The best site I prefer over others. Here you can get daily 20 bonus points and earn more points than any other sites. First click on the image to switch to Click Register top of the right corner to open your account. After registration Login to with your username and password. Click Traffic Exchange to earn some coins. To add your pages on fanntraffic click Add on left side and select the desired category facebook or twitter or Google. You can add your social accounts also clicki…

Windows 8 Activator Free Download

If your windows is not genuine or not activated you can change user account picture, lock screen picture. You are deprived from many more features. Windows 8 Activator allows you to change user account picture, lock screen picture and full access of many more features. Windows 8 activator is activate your windows fro 180 days and you need to perform this action again after 180 days so that you can continue use these features.
Features Logging Features.Everything could be done in Normal Mode.Enable hidden features now display message after completion.Timebomb restore fixed.Credits Updated.No more Freezing Window during Activation or Refresh.Download Windows 8 Activator

Get Started With Facebook Graph Search

Facebook graph search is not available to all user yet. It is mainly available for English (US) audience. Facebook graph search is mainly focused on four areas - People, Photos, Places and Interests. This feature allows you to search Facebook things in these four areas. You can search for any particular things on Facebook. Even you can search the web also.

I search my friend who like chapar and it display relevant results. Similarly I search my friend who have visited Delhi, i get fine results.

If you type my friend who like women all the name of that particular friend comes out. If you search people like music from your hometown all the name will come out only those who love music. Even you can search what photos you had liked already on facebook. If you want to see how many friends you have from London or USA just type the queries. Just type your queries on search box result will be displayed within a moment. You can search any thing regarding you, your friends or friends of friend…

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Free Download

Microsoft launched new version of MS Office package. Office 2013 is the latest version of office 2007 and 2010. To install Office 2013 in your system your system must have following requirements :
1Ghz Processor (both for 32 bit and 64 bit)1GB RAM for 32 bit and 2GB RAM for 64 bit3GB Hard Drive spaceOperating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, MAC OS X 10.5 (Leopard)Net Framework 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview (32 bit)

DOWNLOAD NOW (32 bit) (Size 625 MB)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview (64 bit)

DOWNLOAD NOW (64 bit) (Size 702 MB)

How to find the product key of any software

Normally the product key of your operating system is located on the original CD or DVD. If you lost somehow the product key then it becomes hard to find. Though the product key is located in the registry but it is in encrypted form so that no one can read it. So it is very very difficult to get your product key. You need to take help of third party to find your product key. Using them you can find the product key of your operating system and other software also. There are many software available on internet which help you to find the product key of your software. Here is a few names of product key finder software.
1. Balarc AdvisorDownload Now2. WinkeyfinderDownload Now3. Magical Jellybean KeyfinderDownload Now4. Product Key InformerDownload Now5. Product Key FinderDownload Now6. Keyfinder ThingDownload Now7. Rock XPDownload Now8. MSKeyViewer PlusDownload Now

Remove or Uninstall Windows 8 From Dual Booting PC

If you have installed windows 8 in your PC with other previous windows operating system like windows XP  windows vista and windows 7 and later change your mind to uninstall or remove windows 8 from your dual booting PC you can do it. You can remove or uninstall windows 8 from your PC in different ways. 

To uninstall or remove windows 8 from dual operating system you need to pen run and msconfig and then press OK. It will open system configuration window. Click Boot tab and then select Windows 8 and then click Delete to delete windows 8 from your PC. Now click OK to exit. 

Now you need to open disk management. You can open disk management in many ways. 

From Start Menu - open Run, type diskmgmt.msc & click OK. 

From Desktop - right click My Computer icon and click Manage and then select Disk Management

From Control Panel - open control panel and click Performance and Maintenance and then Administrative Tools and then open Computer Management.

Now you need to delete and format t…

Enable USB Port in Windows XP

To enable USB Port in Windows XP / Vista you must have Administrative privilege. To do so do the followings .....

Using Device Management

You can open device management in three ways.
1. Right click My Computer on Desktop and click Manage and then Device Manager
2. Open Run and type devmgmt.msc and click OK
3. Open system propreties and click Hardware tab and then click Device Manager
Now expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. You will see enable or disable usb ports. Right click on it and click Enable.

Using Registry Editor

1. go to Start
2. click on Run or open command prompt
3. type regedit
4. click O.K or press Enter on the keyboard
5. Registry Editor window opens. Now expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE by clicking on the (+) sign
6. find System and expand it in similarway
7. find CurrentControlSet and expand it
8. find Services and expand it
9. now you need to search USBTOR and select it
10. now you can see various options in the right hand side. find Start and to open it double c…

Personalize or Customize Windows 8 Start Screen

Like start screen apps you can customize or personalize start screen. You can change the design and colour of start screen according to you. It much more interesting when it comes customizing start screen's appearance. But there is limitations. Microsoft is limiting your options. Windows 8 have only 10 background images in stock. Just do the below steps to change start screen appearance. Move your mouse pointer top or bottom of right corner. Charm bar menu appears. Move pointer up or down and click Settings and then PC Settings. PC Settings screen opens. Select Personalize if not selected and then click Start screen. Select images from the stocks and drag the colour pointer to set start screen colour.

If you want to go beyond the limitation you need to take help of third party. Third party means not your friend. I mean any software.  Use Decor8 software to personalize start screen according to you. Using Decor8 you can set your own image or picture as start screen background. Dec…

Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Picture

Windows 8 lock screen picture is not set for permanent. You can set your own picture or any image as lock screen picture. You can customize lock screen picture in many ways. But the most easiest process is to change lock screen picture from start screen or charm bar menu.

From Start Screen - Just click on your user name or your avatar on start screen and then click Change account picture. Once you click there you will switch to PC Settings screen. Click Lock screen and select any picture from there. Or if you set your own picture as lock screen picture then click Browse to switch to your picture location. Once you click Browse you will switch to picture gallery. If you have your picture in any Local Disks then click Files located top left corner then select Computer. Then select the drives where you have your photos. Click on your photo to choose it and then click Choose Image. Once you click your lock screen picture is changed.

From Charm Bar Menu - Move your mouse pointer top or botto…

Promote your YouTube video in own YouTube video

InVideo Programming helps you to promote a feature video in a YouTube video for a certain period of time or for the entire video. To promote a features video you must have a valid email id and valid YouTube account. If you do not YouTube account you can not promote your feature video. Open an YouTube account and upload some video. And then do the below steps to promote your own YouTube video.
Step 1 - Login to your youtube account Step 2 - Click on your username located top of the right corner and then click YouTube settings or click Video Manager and then click Settings Step 3 - Click InVideo Programming located left side Step 4 - Click Feature a video Step 6 - Select your video from the list that you have uploaded Step 7 - Customize the Position and Display time and then click Save

Change User Account Picture in Windows 8

Like other previous windows version you can change your account picture in windows 8. For that you must have genuine windows  8 operating system installed in your system. You can change account picture in trial versions also if it is activated. If not the use net or call to Microsoft to activate the trial version. When you call Microsoft provides you an activation key to activate your windows 8. Once you have activated your system do lot more. You can change your account picture in two different ways. 
Option 1 - Click on your user account user name or account avatar on start screen and then click Change account picture. Click Browse to switch to your photo location. When you click Browse it switch you to photo gallery. If you do not find there then click Files located top left corner and then select desired option say Computer. Once you click Computer you will see your local disks select the drives where you have your photo. Select the picture or image and then click Choose Image. On…