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How to Add Shutdown Button in Windows 8 Start Screen

Normally you need to do lot of steps to shutdown your system from start screen. A shutdown button on start screen helps you to shutdown your system quickly. It bypass all the other steps. To shutdown your system from start screen you need to create shut down button. To create shutdown button just follow the below steps : 

1. Click Desktop on start screen 
2. Right click anywhere on Desktop 
3. Click New and then click Shortcut 
4. Type shutdown.exe -s -t 00 (You can change time according to you) 
5. Click Next 
6. Change the icon name or leave it and Click Next 

Shutdown icon is created on your Desktop and you need to change the icon. To change the icon do the below steps : 

7. Right click shut down icon and select Properties 
8. Click Change Icon and then click OK 
9. Choose icon from the list and click OK 
10. Click Apply and then OK. 

Now you need to add this shutdown icon to your start screen. To add this icon to start screen right click shutdown icon and click Pin to Start. Now shutdown icon is added to start screen. Switch to start screen. Scroll and drag shut down icon and drop at suitable place. Whenever you wish to shut down your system from start screen just click shut down button once. Once you click shutdown button your system bypass all the other steps and shutdown quickly.





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