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Display own photo or logo in YouTube video using InVideo Programming

One of the most important feature of YouTube is InVideo Programming. InVideo Programming allows you to display your own photo or your logo in your entire YouTube video or for certain period. Here is the step by step guide which help you to display your own photo or logo in YouTube video. (Follow the images also)

Step 1 - Login to your youtube account
Step 2 - Click on your username located top of the right corner and then click YouTube settings.
or click Video Manager and then click Settings.

Step 3 - Click InVideo Programming located left side

Step 4 - click Feature your channel

Step 5 - Click custom to choose your photo or logo from your computer

Step 6 - Click Choose file. Browse your photo or logo and then click Select

Step 7 - Select the Position and Display time and then click Save

Now play your video to check it. You can change your mind later. Just do the above three process and then click Remove. See this video.