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Remove or Uninstall Windows 8 From Dual Booting PC

If you have installed windows 8 in your PC with other previous windows operating system like windows XP  windows vista and windows 7 and later change your mind to uninstall or remove windows 8 from your dual booting PC you can do it. You can remove or uninstall windows 8 from your PC in different ways. 

To uninstall or remove windows 8 from dual operating system you need to pen run and msconfig and then press OK. It will open system configuration window. Click Boot tab and then select Windows 8 and then click Delete to delete windows 8 from your PC. Now click OK to exit. 

Now you need to open disk management. You can open disk management in many ways. 

From Start Menu - open Run, type diskmgmt.msc & click OK. 

From Desktop - right click My Computer icon and click Manage and then select Disk Management

From Control Panel - open control panel and click Performance and Maintenance and then Administrative Tools and then open Computer Management.

Now you need to delete and format the logical volume where you have installed windows 8. To do so select the Local Disk where you have installed windows 8. Right click on it and select Delete Partition.. Right click on it again and format with NTFS file system.



You can delete windows 8 using master boot loader also. Download Bootice first and then open it. click BCD Edit tab and then click View / Edit. In the left side pane you will see the operating systems you have installed in your PC. Now select windows 8 and click Del and then click Save current system.