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3 Networks in a Dual SIM Mobile Phone

When I wake up today morning I am astonished to see three networks on my mobile phone. I am using Samsung Star 3 Dous which is manufactured by Samsung. Star 3 Dous is a dual SIM mobile. I am using Vodafone and Reliance SIM in my mobile phone. But I have also got AirTel on my mobile. I immediately take a snap shot of this with my digital camera as a proof. Later it is automatically disappears. If it is a triple SIM mobile then it is possible to get three networks. But triple network in a dual SIM mobile phone. I do not know how could it happened? How could it be possible to get three networks on a dual SIM mobile?


  1. Sim 2 is shown twice... which means u have vodafone and may be vodafone was not present at that moment and airtel roaming came... so 3 networks... or else how ll u get airtel network without a sim.....

    Prangshu :)


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