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How To Download Blogger Blog Data

Your blog content is most valuable. Take backup of your blog contents regularly. If your blog has been deleted accidentally you never get back your blog data again unless you have a backup of your blog data. Your backup data help you to restore your blog from an accidental loss. So it is always recommended to take backup of your blog data on regular basis.

In this tutorial I will show you how to take backup of your blogger blog data. To download or take backup your blog data you need to do the below few steps.

Steps to download blogger blog data

Step 1. Go to blogger dashboard..

Step 2. Click Settings icon located left side.

Step 3. After that click Other.

Step 4. Now click Export blog

Step 5. And then click Download.

After clicking Download option select the location where you want to download your blog's data. Once you click download, your blog data is start downloading as xml file. Keep this file safe and secure for future use. This file help you to recover your blog from an accidental loss.

If somehow your blog has been deleted. You can Import this file again to your new blog. To import your previous data you need to do the below steps.

How to Import blogger blog data

Step 1. Login to blogger account

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Click Other

Step 4. Click Import blog instead of Export blog

Step 5. Now choose the xml file that you have downloaded and type the captcha code

Step 6. Click Import Blog.
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