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How To Change Number Of Row Tiles in Windows 8 Start Screen

Based on the monitor resolution windows 8 figures out the number of rows on the start screen. If someone wish to change the number of row tiles on the start screen then he/she to change the registry.  To change the row tiles on the start screen you need to do the followings:

1. Press Windows key + R on your keyboard to open run dialog
2. Type regedit on the blank space and click OK
3. Click Yes 4. Now navigate to the following key by clicking on the small triangle sign against them :
5. Under Grid key you need to create a DWORD. Right click on the right hand side pane and click DWORD (32 bit) and give its name as Layout_MaximumRowCount.
6. Now right click on it and click Modify… or double click on it and change the Value data between 1 to 5.

After doing that restart your system to see the changes. If you want to switch to windows 8 default mode just delete the DWORD Layout_MaximumRowCount and restart your system.