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Use Search Description To Add Meta Tags For Blog Post

Search Description is an important feature of Blogger where you can type some keywords or meta tags for your post. No need to enter meta tags manually in the template. Just type the keywords for your post in the sear description only. Blogger aiming to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the bloggers. Meta tags are describe the contents of your post and it will appear as snippet in search results. 

How To Enable Meta Tags Description

If your meta tags description is not enabled you can enabled it yourself. To enable your meta tags just login to your blogger account and click Settings. Under Settings click Search preferences and then click click Edit below Meta Tags against description and click Save change.

Add Search Description

After enabling your meta tags description go to Post and click Edit against your published post to add search description for the post that you have published already. Click Post settings to expand it located right side and then click Search Description. Write search description for your post and then click Done to save your post search description.

Check Meta Tags Online

You can test your post search description using online meta checker. If it does not work then you need to enter your meta tags manually in your template.