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Active Desktop Wallpaper : Set a Fixed Wallpaper in Your System

Does your wallpaper is frequently changed? Do you know that you can set a fixed wallpaper so that no one can changed. You need to change group policy settings. In group policy active desktop wallpaper option allows you to set a fixed wallpaper. Once you set it no one can change your wallpaper. To set a fixed wallpaper just do the following steps:

1. click Start and click Run or press windows key + R on the keyboard to open it.
2. type gpedit.msc and click OK
4. expand User Configuration
5. expand Administrative Templates
6. expand Desktop 
7. select Active Desktop
8. you will see Active Desktop Wallpaper in the right hand side. Now right click on it and select Properties or double click on it to open Active Desktop Wallpaper Properties dialog window.
9. select radio button against Enabled
10. against the wallpaper name box type the path and name of the image with extension that you want to set as wallpaper.
11. Click Apply and then OK.

Now refresh your system. Your wallpaper is set permanently. If someone try to set different wallpaper as desktop background your system do accept it. If it won't works after refreshing your system then restart your system.

Whenever you wish to change to it or make your system default or as earlier it was just do the above 7 steps and in step 8 just select Not Configured and then click OK. Now any one can change your wallpaper.