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How To Insert WordArt or Fontwork in Open Office Writer

WordArt is an option to decorate text / sentence in Microsoft Word. But in Open Office Writer, this term is not available. In open office writer, instead of WordArt, it is called as Fontwork and it is present in the Drawing toolbar.

Fontwork gallery has more styles than Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010. To insert WordArt or Fontwork in open office writer you need to do the below steps.

Step 1. At first, you need to add drawing toolbar.
Step 2. To add drawing toolbar click View in the menu bar
Step 3. And then hover your mouse pointer at Toolbars
Step 4. click Drawing.
Step 5. After that you need to click Fontwork Gallery icon
Step 6. Now you need to select desired fontwork style
Step 7. click OK.

To enter your desired text, double click on the Fontwork object and after entering your desired text click blank space or press Esc on the keyboard to come out. Now your Fontwork is ready. That's it!
Now to change the area style / filling, click Area Style / Filling icon and then select the desired filling option. To change the Fontwork shape you need to click Fontwork Shape icon and then select the desired shape.

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