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Insert Bullets and Number in Open Office Writer

Like Microsoft Word, you can insert Bullets and Number in your Open Office writer document. In Open Office writer, you can insert Bullets and Number in two different ways. To insert bullets and number in your Open Office writer document, you need to do the below few steps. 
Process 1

Step 1. At first click, Format on the menu bar and then click Bullets and Numbering… Bullets and Numbering dialog box opens. 

Step 2. Now you need to select the desired bullets and then click OK. To insert number click Numbering type tab and then select desired number and click OK. Or you can insert both bullets and number from formatting bar also or click F12 key on the keyboard. F12 key.

Process 2
You can directly insert  from Bullets and Numbering toolbar. See the below image. If the Bullets and Numbering toolbar is not visible anywhere then click View and then click Toolbars and then click Bullets and Numbering.
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