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How To Block A Twitter Follower

Twitter is an online social networking site and microblogging service. Twitter enables its users to send and read text-based messages upto 140 characters which is known as tweets. Users can follow their friends, favorite celebrities  and politicians on twitter. No need to send friend request on twitter. Users just need to follow their friends and favorite celebrities and politicians. Users can also retweet other users tweets also. If any user wish to block any follower he can block easily. 

To block a twitter follower on Twitter you need to follow the few steps. Login to your twitter account and click Me button to go to your profile page. After that users need to click Followers button located left side. Now here you will see the list of your followers. Just click the person icon against the user whom you want to block and select Block@username.
If you wish to unblock later just do the above process and click Unblock. Thanks for reading this post. Appreciate me by sharing this post …

How To Change URL Address of Your Website on Google Analytics

To change the default url address of your website on Google Analytics you need to do the following steps.
1. Login to your Google Analytics account
2. Click Admin located top of the right side
3. Click the account name
4. Click the profile name of the website which url address you want to change
5. Click Property Settings
6. Change default URL address

7. Click Apply

Once you click Apply your settings have been saved and you get Success notificatication.

8. Again click Profile and then click the profile name of the website which url address you want to change
9. Now click Profile Settings
10. Change website's url
11. Scroll down and click Apply

Once you click Apply your settings have been saved and you get Success notificatication.

How To Disable Google Plus Comments

To disable comments for your Google + post just do the below few steps ::::

1. login to your Google + account 2. bring the mouse pointer on the desired post to enable options menu 3. click Options menu 4. select Disable comments

Once you click disable comments, comments box is disabled. If you want to get it back then click options menu and select Enable comments.

Delete Your Post From Google +

To delete any post on Google + just do the following few steps ::
1. login to your Google + account
2. bring mouse pointer on the desired post to enable options menu 3. click on Options menu 4. click Delete post  5. click Delete
 6. click Dismiss
Once you click Delete your post is deleted permanently. 

How To Make Any Photo Your Profile Picture on Facebook

To make your own photo or your friends photo as your profile picture you need to login to your facebook account first and then click Photo. You will see your photos and photos that your friends have tagged you. Now you need to click the desired photo that you want to make your profile photo. Then you need to click "Options" located below the photo and then click "Make Profile Picture" and scroll down and click "Make Profile Picture". Once you click "Make Profile Picture" your profile picture has been changed.
Or sometime it asks for cropping then click small rectangle to crop your photo or expand the area of photo and click Done Cropping. Once you click done cropping your profile picture has been changed.

Remove Tag or Untag Yourself From Others Photo in Facebook

To untag yourself from your friends photo or others photo first you need to login to your facebook account and then click Photo. You will see your photos and photos that your friends have tagged you. Now you need to click the desired photo from where you want to untag yourself. Then after you need to click Options located below the photo and then click Report/Remove Tag. Select the checkbox against "I want to untag myself" and click Remove Tag and then click Okay.

Rotate Your Photo in Facebook

This feature help you to rotate your photo online on Facebook. If you have uploaded a photo that is rotated left or right in your timeline that does not appear as normal photo on your timeline then using this feature you can change the rotation of the photo. You can change it again to the desired direction.

To rotate your photo or any picture that you have uploaded on Facebook, first you need to login to your Facebook account and then click Photo. You will see your photos and photos that your friends have tagged you. Now you need to click the desired photo that you want to rotate. Then after you need to click Options located below the photo and then click Rotate Left or Rotate Right. 

Mumbai Indians Win IPL 6

Mumbai Indians win the IPL 6 beating Chennai Super Kings (CSK) by 23 runs at the Eden Garden, Kolkata. After 6 years Mumbai Indians win the title of IPL. Before the start of the final everyone thought Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will win the IPL easily for the 3rd time because they also beat Mumbai Indians (MI) in the first qualifier. According to the bookie CSK was the most favourite for final. But all the hopes of CSK went in smoke. CSK is not able to manage 149 runs in the final.

Mumbai Indians win the toss and elected to bat first and they lost their top 3 wickets on 16 runs and seemed to be that they will not score 140 runs also. Its Kieron Pollard who blitz 60 runs from just 32 balls and help Mumbai Indians to reach 148 runs. A respectable score not a competitive score. Apart from Pollard, Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik has scored 37 and 21 runs each. For CSK, Dwayne Bravo took 4 wickets spending 44 runs and he was the most successful bowler from the CSK side.

It never seems t…

Microsoft's Xbox One : The All In One Entertainment System

Microsoft has launched Xbox 360 in the year of 2005. And after the gap of eight years microsoft launched its successor Xbox One. According to microsoft Xbox One is an "all-in-one entertainment system" and it will be for sale by the end of the year. But the price of the Xbox One is not yet open for all. They also revealed that games from old Xbox 360 will not work in the new Xbox One. 
The new Xbox has CPU, GPU and ESRAM in combination and combination of these three makes it like a supercomputer. User can splits up the screen and perform other task simultaneously. In the new Xbox, Skype is also introduced and user can make calls while they are running another activity. It takes less time to load games. This feature lets you to save your time. 
Technical specifications

1. 8 Cores - An 8-core x86 processor lets you instantly switch between a game and your entertainment apps with ease.
2.  HDMI Pass-Thru - Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One and prepare for li…

Google Announced To Increase Free Online Storage From 5GB to 15GB

Good news for all of us. Google announced to increase the free storage capacity of their Google Drive from 3GB to 15GB recently. This 15GB space is shared across Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. This is the era of technology. Anything could be happen at anytime. It may be exceed 100 GB or more in the near future. They are developing software as well as hardware to provide this facility to us. They really work hard for that and we see the success.
If any one want to by additional space they have to pay for that extra space. Google provide this facility on the basis of monthly subscription  For 25GB space Google charges $2.49 per month.
If you don't have Google installed in your pc. Sign up today using email ID.

How To Add Friends or Peoples In Your Facebook Group

Like a Facebook page you can also create or delete a group. After creating a group on Facebook you can invite your friends or directly you can add your friends to you group. You can post your desired topics on your group. Once you post your group members will get your updates like your Facebook timeline post.

To add any friends or people in your Facebook group that you have created on Facebook just login to your Facebook account and click on your group name located left side in the group section and then type your friends or people name on "+Add People to Group" box. When you starts typing your friends or people name search box displays similar names. Click any people from the list. Once you click, that person is added to your group. If he or she either belongs to your group or belong to many group you will get notification. That's it.

How To Add or Upload Photo in Google Earth

First to add or upload a photo in Google Earth you must a valid email account. If you don't have a valid email account you can't add or upload any photo in Google Earth. If you have a valid email account don't waste your time just open an account on and start uploading photos. Panoramio a  geo-location oriented photo sharing website. When a photo is uploaded in Panoramio and if that photo is accepted can be accessed as a layer in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Steps to upload a photo on Google Earth ::

1. login to your account
2. click upload to upload a photo
3. click Upload Photos
4. after uploading click Map this photo

5. type the name of the place in the search box where you have taken your photo. once you start typing search engine starts displaying exact name or similar names and a balloon is displayed relating to that area in the map. Drag the balloon to exact place and click Done
6. give title of your photo and click I'm done
Your pho…

How To Bring Picture From Background To Front in Adobe Photoshop

To bring image or picture from background to front in Adobe Photoshop, you just need to drag the background layer and release it above the desired layers. In the above picture, book image is present in the background and it is not visible.

If you want to bring background book image in front so that it becomes visible then you need to select the book layer i.e, Layer 2  located right side in the Layers window and drag it to the top of the other layers. 

How To Upgrade To New Hangouts or Video Chat in Gmail

Google has launched new hangouts in Gmail. Its just a replacement app for all Google related social accounts. With the help of new features (hangouts) any one can keep track of conversations. To upgrade to hangouts in Gmail chat just you need to do the following below steps.
1. login to your Gmail account  2. click on your account status or on your image located left side of the window.
3. when you click on your Gmail status you will see various options. On the top you will see Try the new Hangouts. Just click on Try the new Hangouts.
4. once you click Try the new Hangouts, your page is refreshed. Click Next.

5. Again click Next.
6. Finally, click OK, got it.
Now you will switch to new hangouts / new Gmail chat. If you want to get back from new hangouts don"t worry! you have options to get back. To get back to old Gmail chat just click on your image or status you will see "Revert to old chat" among the options. Just click there and you will be switched to old Gmail ch…

How to Split or Unmerge PDF Files

After merging your files into PDF format or after saving your word document as PDF you can split or unmerge your PDF files. There are many process to split or unmerge PDF file. Split PDF files Online. You can split or unmerge your PDF files online also. Or you can split or unmerge using Adobe Photoshop also. To split or unmerge your PDF file using Adobe Photoshop just follow the below few steps::
1. right click on your PDF file 2. select Open with and then Photoshop Elements Editor 3. double on the desired page that you want to split or merge

4. click File and then click Save As 5. type file name and change the file format Photoshop PDF (*.PDF; *.PDP) 6. click Save Your file is splited or unmerged from the PDF file. Similarly if you wish to split or unmerge another page just repeat the above process and select different page when your PDF file is opened in Adobe Photoshop.

Calculation of Total Marks, Percentage, Division, Remarks, Maximum & Minimum Number of Students in MS Excel

In this post, I will help you to learn how to calculate total marks, percentage, division, maximum number, minimum number and remarks of students of a class very fast. At first you need to look over the above image very carefully. The above image shows the marks obtained by six students of a class.

Formula to calculate Total Marks of all students within seconds 

First you need to find out the Total Mark of a single student who is on the top of the list i.e, Mani. To calculate Total Mark of Mani, click on the Total Mark cell address of Mani i.e, H6 and then type the formula =sum(1st subject's cell address i.e, b6:last subject's cell address i.e, g6) and then press Enter on the keyboard or click anywhere on the worksheet. Here b6 and g6 are cell address of 1st subject (English) and last subject (Biology) of that student. Read also : How to Enable HTTPS for Blogger Blog.

After getting results, click on the resultant cell address of Total Mark of the 1st student i.e., Mani an…