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How to Split or Unmerge PDF Files

After merging your files into PDF format or after saving your word document as PDF you can split or unmerge your PDF files. There are many process to split or unmerge PDF file. Split PDF files Online. You can split or unmerge your PDF files online also. Or you can split or unmerge using Adobe Photoshop also. To split or unmerge your PDF file using Adobe Photoshop just follow the below few steps::

1. right click on your PDF file
2. select Open with and then Photoshop Elements Editor
 3. double on the desired page that you want to split or merge

4. click File and then click Save As
5. type file name and change the file format Photoshop PDF (*.PDF; *.PDP)
6. click Save
Your file is splited or unmerged from the PDF file. Similarly if you wish to split or unmerge another page just repeat the above process and select different page when your PDF file is opened in Adobe Photoshop.