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How To Upgrade To New Hangouts or Video Chat in Gmail

Google has launched new hangouts in Gmail. Its just a replacement app for all Google related social accounts. With the help of new features (hangouts) any one can keep track of conversations. To upgrade to hangouts in Gmail chat just you need to do the following below steps.

1. login to your Gmail account 
2. click on your account status or on your image located left side of the window.
3. when you click on your Gmail status you will see various options. On the top you will see Try the new Hangouts. Just click on Try the new Hangouts.
4. once you click Try the new Hangouts, your page is refreshed. Click Next.

5. Again click Next.
6. Finally, click OK, got it.

Now you will switch to new hangouts / new Gmail chat. If you want to get back from new hangouts don"t worry! you have options to get back. To get back to old Gmail chat just click on your image or status you will see "Revert to old chat" among the options. Just click there and you will be switched to old Gmail chat.