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Gmail Switched To New Look

When I login to my gmail account today a pop up window appears welcoming me to new inbox. This is the another change that Google revealed about few changes of their products. A few days before Google has changed its Google+ notifications button to bell which appears in the right side top corner in your all Google products. Whether it may Gmail, Google+, Youtube, Blogger etc. No matter where you are you can access your Google+ notification from every corner of your Google products.
New inbox organise your emails by different categories which shown in tabs. Tabs help you to back in control of your emails and organise them and decide which emails you want to read when.

Your inbox have five (5) different optional tabs namely Primary, Social and Promotions, Updates and Forums. This categories make it easy to read messages of the same type all at once.
Primary - All messages coming from your friends and family as well as any other messages that do not appear any other tabs are organised in Primary tab automatically.

Social - All emails coming from different social networking websites like facebook, google+, twitter, LinkedIn etc., and online dating sites, gaming sites are organised in Social tab automatically.

Promotional - All promotional emails regarding your deals, offers and others are organised in Promotional tabs so that you can easily find out them automatically. For examples Sarkari Naukri, Nero News, Windows store etc.

Updates - All updates or notifications such as statements, bills, receipts, confirmations coming to your inbox is organised in Updates tab automatically. For examples all updates from Gmail and for all sites where you have subscribed by emails to get their latest updates.

Forums - Similarly all emails coming from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists are organised in Forums tabs automatically.

A + sign located right side of the tab help you to show or hide individual tabs. Initially you will see only three tabs and if you wish to see all five tabs then you need to click the + sign located right site of the tab and select the checkbox against desired tab and click Save button to save your settings. You can hide tabs also by removing the selection from checkbox against desired tab.

If you do not see tabs in your inbox then login to your gmail account and click gear icon and click Configure inbox and select the checkbox against different tabs and click Save button. Once you click Save your inbox is switched to new look.


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