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How To Change WordPress Blog's URL Address

To change your blog's URL or blog's address you need to login to your WordPress account. After that you need to follow the below steps to change your blog's address.

Step 1. Click My Blog located above the Blogs I Follow
Step 2. Click Blog Admin 
Step 3. Click My Blog located left side
Step 4. Place mouse pointer on your blog's name. When you put mouse pointer on your blog's name, you will able to see Change Blo Address and Transfer Blog options.
Step 5. Now click Change Blog Address
Step 6. Type New Blog/Site Address. Remember it should not be less than 4 characters
Step 7. Retype site address for confirmation
Step 8. Select radio button against No for Matching Username
Step 9. Click Review my changes
Step 10. If everything ok, it asks for confirmation. Click I'm Sure >>
Once you click I'm Sure >> your blog's url address has been changed.