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Network Connection Configuration In Red Hat Linux Using Graphical User Interface

IP (Internet Protocol) address help you to connect your system with other systems or networking devices. Each system has a unique IP address so that no one can interfere when connected. Otherwise you will get notification about IP interference.
You can configure network connection in Red Hat Linux either using GUI or using commands. If you are not expert on Red Hat Linux then you can configure it using GUI (Graphical User Interface). To configure network connection using GUI and provide static IP (Internet Protocol) you need to click on System in the menu bar then Administration and after that you need to click Network. Once you click Network, Network Configuration window opens. Either click Edit button or double click on the Ethernet port eth0 or eth1 to open Etherent devices. By default Ethernet port eth0 is configured with "Automatically obtain IP address settings with" via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). If you wish to provide static IP address to your system then you need to select radio button against "Statically set IP address" and after that you need to enter your Address, Subnet mask and if required Default Gateway address. After that you need to click OK and then after click Activate on the Network Configuration window. Similarly you can configure second Etherenet port eth1.