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Way2SMS Free Messanging Service From PC To Mobile

Way2SMS is the world's largest personal messanging website. Way2SMS was launched in December 2006. When it was launched it has revolutionised PC to Mobile messaging across the world and it has evolved as the world's largest personal messaging community also. Way2SMS has users from across 160 countries. Way2SMS provides various facilities to their users. It helps users to send sms to any mobile number in the country which is completely free. Users no need to pay any amount for that.  According to Way2SMS it become integral part of 20 million peoples life by carrying their emotions, feelings and happiness and almost 25000 new members join Way2SMS every day.

Why you use Way2SMS ?

1. sending message from Way2SMS is free.
2. it saves mobile bill.
3. quick deliveries of messages.
4. free recharge of mobile. 
5. free email alerts on mobile and many more ....