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How To Add Facebook Like Box To Blogger

Facebook like box enables Facebook page owners to attract and gain likes from their own website. The like box enables people using your app or website to do the following: In the like box, people can see how many people like this blog's page on Facebook. They can also like the page without visiting the Facebook page. Almost every blogger want to add Facebook like box to their blog to show others how many people like this blog's page. To add this Facebook like box to your blog just follow the below steps.

Step 1. Click here to add Facebook like box

Step 2. Type your Facebook profile URL below Facebook Page URL

Step 3. Deselect checkbox against Show Stream. After that you will able to see the preview of the like box.

Step 4. Now click Get Code.

Step 5. Click IFRAME and copy the code.

Step 6. Login to your blogger account. If you have multiple blog then select the desired one and then click Layout. Click Add a Gadget and find and then click HTML/JavaScript.

Step 7. Now paste the code in the box below Content. And then click Save. You can move your gadget to suitable place on the layout.

Step 8. After that click Save arrangement. Now Facebook like box is added to your blog. That's it!