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Everything About Your Web Search History

Can you guess what I am going to discuss here? No, don't worry! I will solve your confusion. I think reading the headline many of you have understand what thing is going to be discussed here. Here I discuss about our web history. No need to say what is history. Everyone has idea more or less. History is nothing but the records of data that what you had done in past. If someone ask you some question who was the first president of USA?

Who was the first Prime Minister of India? What happened in the Battle of Waterloo? If you have historical knowledge regarding this particular field you will have right answer. So this the rough idea about history. Don't fear I am not going to ask any historical questions.

I am here to discuss only about Web History. I have asked some of my friends who are always glued on internet about web history. But everyone fails to provide me answer. They never hears this name. Reversely, they ask me what is it? Many internet users do not hear about web his…

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Widget To Your Blog & Website

Do you have YouTube videos? No, then nothing to worry. But if your answer is yes then you must be crazy to add your subscriber button to your blog or website. If you think so then you are landed at the right place. You can add the YouTube subscriber button to your blog or website to get more subscribers. Below is the code of YouTube subscriber. You can add this code in your blog's post or you can add it as a gadget.

<iframe align="center" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0; height: 105px; overflow: hidden; width: 300px;"></iframe>

To add this YouTube subscriber code in any of your existing or new post just copy this code and paste it in your blog's post. Thereafter replace the red colored XXXX with your YouTube username.

You can change the width, height and alignment accordingly. To change the width and height of the subscriber's button just re…

YouTube Reveals New Feature Community and Creation Tools

YouTube, the world's largest video hosting and sharing site reveals new features for their partners. When I have login to my YouTube account I have noticed that two new features have been added to my account today. One is COMMUNITY and another one is CREATION TOOLS. I hope in the above image you will find these new feature. 
Basically Community is related to your comment settings and it has three features namely Approved Users, Banned Users and Black List. You can call it Automated Filter. It filters your comment. No need to change comment setting manually. Now everything becomes automated.
Approved Users - Comments from approved users is always visible to others.
Banned Users - Comments from banned users will never visible to others
Black List -  If you specify a comma separated list of specific words and phrases then comments closely matching these words and phrase will be held for your approval.

Creation Tools is related to audio library. With the help of creation tools YouTube pa…

How To Get 10GB Extra Space On Google Drive

According to a Google's blog post posted by Alan Warren, Engineering VP, Google anybody can get 10GB extra space on Google Drive. With the help of Quickoffice, Google users can edit their Microsoft® Office documents from Android, iOS phones and tablets. They can edit  their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It gives freedom to work with your documents from Android, iOS phones and tablets.

Before going to get extra space you must have to know what is Quickoffice. Quickoffice is an application for working with Microsoft Office documents ans it was acquired by Google in June 2012. After one year Quickoffice becomes free for everyone and it can be downloaded easily from Google Play and App Store.

Download the new Quickoffice app from your Android or iOS phone and sign in to your Google account by September 26, 2013 an extra 10GB space will be added to your Google Drive. Remember, this 10GB extra space will be available only for two years.

So don't waste your time. Go t…

How To Redirect Your Blog From Blogger To Custom Domain

In my earlier post Get Your Own Domain At Just $2 From GoDaddy I show you how to buy a domain from GoDaddy. And in this article I will guide you how to redirect your blog from blogger to your own domain.

Steps For DNS Settings

Step 1. First login to your blogger account.

Step 2. Click Settings.

Step 3. Under Settings, click Basic.

Step 4. In the Publishing section, click Edit. Enter your domain name for example below Advanced setting. Here you need to note down both the CNAME second line below www and which are marked in red in the below image.

Step 5. Now login to your GoDaddy account and click My Account and then click Visit My Account. Here you will see details of your account. Now click Launch against Domain. See the below image.
Step 6. Click your domain name. See the below image.

Step 7. Now you need to click DNS Zone File. See the below image.

Step 8. Click Edit. See the below image.

Step 9. This is most important part of your DNS Settings on GoDaddy to…

AdSense Ad For HTTPS Pages

The search engine giant Google announced on 16th Sept, that AdSense publishers can use the ad code on their HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) pages. Before that, the ad code did not support HTTPS pages. Now a days many websites and social networking websites moves towards secure protocol through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

The aim of this move to protect their users’ sensitive data. Google software engineer Sandor Sas says that Google updated the ad code so that it now supports secure ad serving through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on HTTPS web pages. This means that publishers with secure sites can now use the ad code to serve SSL-compliant ads.

This announcement gives pleasure to those who have migrated to HTTPS from HTTP already. Now enjoy using Google AdSense ad code in your HTTPS pages.

Get Your Own Domain At Just $2 From GoDaddy

I am very happy to become a .com owner on 13th Sept, 2013. I have purchased my domain from GoDaddy at just INR 139.40 which is equivalent to $2. Although price was INR 589. Most people around the world prefers GoDaddy because of its reliability and easy DNS settings for your website or blog. I have never purchased anything online.

This was my first experience and thats why I was very exciting at the time of purchasing my domain. Although I was feared if I won't get my own domain even after paying almost $2. I wanted to take the risk and proceeded reading every points very carefully.

Why should you need a domain?

There are many reasons to choose buy a domain. your own domain name gives you an identity on the web. It also gives your name recognition. It is just like a reservation of railway ticket or air ticket. Once you reserved none can able to purchase it again. There are many websites blogspot, wordpress, weebly, hpage and many more which offers free sub domain t…

Get 10 TB Tencent Cloud Storage Absolutely Free

A few months ago search engine giant Goggle has increased storage capacity of its service Google Drive from 5 GB to 15 GB. Just this week Microsoft upgraded its SkyDrive's storage from 7 GB to 25 GB. When Google has announced to increase the storage capacity of Google Drive, I had written in my blog that it may be exceed 100 GB (Gigabyte) or more within few months.

And just after few months we have got 10 TB (Terabyte) cloud storage. Right! 10 Terabyte cloud storage. You are hear  right. You will get 10 TB cloud storage absolutely free. This is the competition on the internet who will offer maximum cloud storage and this benefits us. This is the era of technology. Anything could be happen at anytime.

Who will provide 10 TB free storage?

Have you ever heard the name Tencent? I think no. Many of us don't heard this name. Tencent is a Chinese tech company and it offers 10TB free cloud storage surpassing its Chinese rival Baidu & Qihoo. A whopping 10 times more than Baidu &…

How To Share Your Blog Posts Automatically To Google+

Social network plays a pivotal role to get a traffic to your blog or website to get popularity as well. If you do not have connected your Google+ profile or page to your blog then you need to share your blog posts manually to your Google+ profile or page. Sharing your blog posts to your Google+ profile or page notify your follower that you have published a new blog post. In this way you can encourage them to reshare your contents with others. It is time consuming. But what happens, if it works automatically.

Sharing your blog posts to Google+ help you to get more traffic to your blog or website. If you do not share your blog post to Google+ you miss this extra traffic. Now to enable this Google+ settings to your blog you need to do the following few steps.

Step 1. Login to your blogger account.

Step 2. Click Google+ located left hand side.

Step 3. Either select your Google+ profile or Google+ page.

Step 4. Select check box Automatically share after posting ?

If you don not want to …

How To Remove Windows Explorer's or My Computer's Default Context Menu

You must be curious to learn what is Windows Explorer's or My Computer's default context menu? You all know this menu and always use this menu in your system every time. But you may be don't know the name. Windows explorer's or My Computer's default context menu is nothing but the menu appears when you right click any of the Local Disk Drive (C, D, E etc.).

You can enable or disable this menu. If you disable this menu no one able to see any menu when they right click in My Computer.

To enable or disable this menu you must have administrator privilege. You can do this in different ways from command prompt and control panel. In this article you will learn how to enable or disable windows explorer's default context menu. 

Here I will show you from command prompt.  To remove this menu follow the below steps:::

Step 1. Click Start button of your system and the select Run or press system key + R on the keyboard

Step 2. Type gpedit.msc and then click O.K or pre…

How To Send An Encrypted Email & Secure Your Message

E-mail is the most useful tool to exchange information with your friends, family or a stranger. More than 200 billion e-mails are sent worldwide everyday. Every e-mail user want their information to be sent confidentially and always want to make it confidential. Everybody's eye is open when America's whistleblower Edward Snowden's documents leaked how US surveillance program PRISM which operated by National Security Agency (NSA) collects stored internet communications based on demands made to internet companies such as Google Inc. under Section 702 of the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Amendments Act of 2008. It has brought eye to forehead of every internet user. That's mean there is no privacy on internet. Nothing is hidden. Everything is open.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden always communicate with his friends with encrypted email and thats why no one from NSA able to catch him. And from then almost every internet user around the world start searching how…