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How To Get 10GB Extra Space On Google Drive

According to a Google's blog post posted by Alan Warren, Engineering VP, Google anybody can get 10GB extra space on Google Drive. With the help of Quickoffice, Google users can edit their Microsoft® Office documents from Android, iOS phones and tablets. They can edit  their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It gives freedom to work with your documents from Android, iOS phones and tablets.

Before going to get extra space you must have to know what is Quickoffice. Quickoffice is an application for working with Microsoft Office documents ans it was acquired by Google in June 2012. After one year Quickoffice becomes free for everyone and it can be downloaded easily from Google Play and App Store.

Download the new Quickoffice app from your Android or iOS phone and sign in to your Google account by September 26, 2013 an extra 10GB space will be added to your Google Drive. Remember, this 10GB extra space will be available only for two years.

So don't waste your time. Go to Google Play and App Store and download the new version of Quickoffice  and sign in to your Google account immediately. That's it!