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How To Remove Windows Explorer's or My Computer's Default Context Menu

You must be curious to learn what is Windows Explorer's or My Computer's default context menu? You all know this menu and always use this menu in your system every time. But you may be don't know the name. Windows explorer's or My Computer's default context menu is nothing but the menu appears when you right click any of the Local Disk Drive (C, D, E etc.).

You can enable or disable this menu. If you disable this menu no one able to see any menu when they right click in My Computer.

To enable or disable this menu you must have administrator privilege. You can do this in different ways from command prompt and control panel. In this article you will learn how to enable or disable windows explorer's default context menu. 

Here I will show you from command prompt.  To remove this menu follow the below steps:::

Step 1. Click Start button of your system and the select Run or press system key + R on the keyboard

Step 2. Type gpedit.msc and then click O.K or press Enter on the keyboard.  Group Policy dialog box opens

Step 4. Expand Administrative Templates under User Configuration and then again expand Windows Components and find and then select  Windows Explorer

Step 5. In the right hand side pane you need to find and select " Remove Windows Explorer's default context menu".

Step 6. Right click of the mouse button on it and click on Properties.

Step 7. Now select the radio button against Enabled

Step 8. Finally click Apply and then O.K

Now open windows explorer or my computer and try to right click on local disk drive (C, D, E rtc.). You won't see any menu. If you want to get back that menu then do all the steps and select Not Configured instead of Enabled in step 8. To do this be sure you must be an expert. Do not forget the path otherwise you will suffer an unwanted problem.