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YouTube Reveals New Feature Community and Creation Tools

YouTube, the world's largest video hosting and sharing site reveals new features for their partners. When I have login to my YouTube account I have noticed that two new features have been added to my account today. One is COMMUNITY and another one is CREATION TOOLS. I hope in the above image you will find these new feature. 

Basically Community is related to your comment settings and it has three features namely Approved Users, Banned Users and Black List. You can call it Automated Filter. It filters your comment. No need to change comment setting manually. Now everything becomes automated.

Approved Users - Comments from approved users is always visible to others.

Banned Users - Comments from banned users will never visible to others

Black List -  If you specify a comma separated list of specific words and phrases then comments closely matching these words and phrase will be held for your approval.

Creation Tools is related to audio library. With the help of creation tools YouTube partners can download background music absolutely free. Creation tools has six options namely Featured, Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration and Favorites. Genre, Mood, Instrument has sub menus also. 

Featured allows you to download all kind of featured musics.

Genre help you to download Alternative & Punk, Classical, Ambient, Country & Folk, Dance & Electronic, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz & Blues, Pop, R&B, Reggae and Rock music.
Moods allows you to download Angry, Bright, Calm, Dark, Dramatic, Funky, Happy, Inspirational, Romantic, Sad music.

Instrument allows you to download Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano, Strings, Synth and Trumpet music.

Duration allows you to download the desired duration of music.