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Everything About YouTube Audio Swapping

Use of commercial music as the background music for your YouTube video may be violating the US Copyright law. No one has right to use any commercial music as the background music for their videos without the permission of the owner. If you do so you are violating the Copyright law and your YouTube video has been deleted or your account has been suspended.

But with the help of audio swapping tool YouTube partners can use some commercial music as the background music for their YouTube video. Its absolutely  free and legal to use. Before going to use this tool you may be curious to know more about audio swapping.

What is Audio Swapping?
Audio swapping is a tool or facility to add a commercial music as the background music foryour YouTube videos from a library of licensed songs. It is easy and simple process. 
How does it work?
Audio swapping replace your previous sound track from your video add a new. Otherwise, it overrides on the previous sound track. YouTube has enabled audio swapping t…

Private Browsing In Different Web Browser

In my earlier post Everything About Your Web Search History I have discussed about the web search history. If you read that article then you may also know about private browsing. Normally whatever you browse on your browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer everything is recorded. Or a history of your previous work is kept in your browser. Anyone can see the history of your pas work. What you did in the past hour or everything about your past browsing.

Therefore, it is mandatory to use private browsing to prevent others from knowing your history. When you use Private browsing, your browser does not store any data during your browsing session. That's why, I recommend you to use private browsing. Lets' start private browsing.

Private browsing in Google Chrome
Private browsing in Google Chrome is called incognito meaning don't want to be recognize. To do private browsing in Google Chrome just press Ctrl+Shift+N on the keyboard or click Customize and contr…

Google To Create 360 Degree Online Panoramic View Of 100 Indian Monument

The search engine giant Google and the Ministry of Culture signed a memorandum at the Qutub Minar complex on 3rd October, 2013 as the first step towards this project. With the joined hands of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Google will create 360 degree online panoramic view of 100 Indian monuments. Google and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have become partnered to work in this project. Chandresh Katoch, Union Minister of Culture flagged off the Street View Trekker in New Delhi on 3rd October, 2013.

Google has informed that they have already photographed and mapped Qutub Minar and  Humayun’s Tomb will be mapped next. They also said that once the data have been collected it will take 7-10 days to create 360 degree imagery view and once it will be published at Google Maps and the World Wonders Site as well as, part of Google Cultural Institute, any one across the world can tour this 100 Indian monuments virtually from internet.

Google is using a special tool called Street …

Faces of Facebook : Can You Find Your Face?

Faces of Facebook is a new interactive tool developed by "Creative Technologist" Natalia Rojas. Natalia has developed this project using various programming language like CSS, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, EaselJS, Ajax, FB API, PHP and MySQL. Faces of Facebook uses Facebook's API to display a chronological collage of 1.2 million facebook profile photos.

You can also termed Faces of Facebook, a sea of black and white dots where each dot signifies facebook profile face. It collects 1.2 billion photos of facebook users. When you visit this site you will see only black and white dots which remembers the noise of analog TV. The dots are clickable and linked to facebook profile faces. Can you find yourself among 1.2 billion facebook faces?

How could you find yourself?

Faces of Facebook collects 1.2 billion profile photos of facebook users and display the profiles in chronological timeline order. It is very hard ti find your face among 1.2 billion facebook faces. Can you imagin…