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Move A Gmail Message To And Fro In Different Categories

In my earlier post Gmail Switched To New Look I have posted all details about the optional tabs of Gmail. Since the look of Gmail has been changed by search engine giant, inbox is categorized in 5 in different optional tabs namely Primary, Social and Promotions, Updates and Forums. This categories make it easy to read messages of the same type all at once. New inbox organize your emails by different categories which shown in tabs. Tabs help you to back in control of your emails and organize them and decide which emails you want to read when.

Sometime what happens an important message comes in to your Update tab in your inbox but you want that message in your Primary tab. Message in the primary tab is always easily readable because when you login to your email you will only see the message of Primary tab. Now the question arises here could you move a message from Optional or Update tab in your Primary tab? Or could you make a message Primary of Update tab of your new inbox?

If you think so then the answer is Yes. You can easily move a message from Optional or Update tab to Primary or vice-versa. To move a message to and fro in different categories of your inbox just drag the desired message and drop on the desired category (Primary, Social and Promotions, Updates and Forums). When you are start dragging the message, an option "Move 1 conversation" appears.