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Private Browsing In Different Web Browser

In my earlier post Everything About Your Web Search History I have discussed about the web search history. If you read that article then you may also know about private browsing. Normally whatever you browse on your browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer everything is recorded. Or a history of your previous work is kept in your browser. Anyone can see the history of your pas work. What you did in the past hour or everything about your past browsing.

Therefore, it is mandatory to use private browsing to prevent others from knowing your history. When you use Private browsing, your browser does not store any data during your browsing session. That's why, I recommend you to use private browsing. Lets' start private browsing.

Private browsing in Google Chrome

Private browsing in Google Chrome is called incognito meaning don't want to be recognize. To do private browsing in Google Chrome just press Ctrl+Shift+N on the keyboard or click Customize and control Google Chrome button i.e, horizontal bar located extremely top right corner and then click New incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N.

When you press Ctrl+Shift+N or click New incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N, a new private browsing window opens with open with the incognito icon in the extremely left corner.

Private browsing in Mozilla Firefox

To do private browsing in Mozilla Firefox you need to change the history mode from Remember history to Never remember history under Privacy tab. To enable private browsing in your Mozilla Firefox click Tools in the menu bar and then select Options.

After that select Privacy tab and then select never remember history against Firefox will: in the History section. Once you select never remember history your Firefox will restart in private mode.

Private browsing in Internet Explorer

Private browsing in Internet Explorer is called InPrivate browsing. You can use InPrivate browsing in internet explorer to browse privately. InPrivate browsing helps to prevent internet explorer from storing data about your browsing session including history, cookies, temporary internet files and other data. So the better option is to use InPrivate browsing in Internet Explorer.

To browse privately press Ctrl+Shift+P on the keyboard or click Tools in the menu bar and then select InPrivate Browsing Ctrl+Shift+P. Once you press Ctrl+Shift+P on the keyboard or click InPrivate Browsing Ctrl+Shift+P your InPrivate browser window opens now with InPrivate icon near the URL address bar.

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